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Occasionally I receive products from a company free in exchange for a review of their merchandise. Some are sent to me for consideration and I will be honest in disclosing that fact. If I feel very strongly against such product, I would have to decline such request.

Funkycolour may make positive, neutral, or even negative comments about advertisers products and services.

If you have, at any point, questions about whether the product was given to me or purchased by me, please email me or leave me a comment, and I will be more than happy to clarify. Email me at [email protected]

Sponsors Post

I work very closely with sponsors to develop a relationship with independent businesses that I myself support and trust. Sponsors and I develop a relationship to provide great advertising space, often times in exchange for product goods.

This blog having sponsored posts available for Lifestyle, Parenting, Health, Fitness, Beauty, Food, Fashion, Relationships, Travel, Technology, Entertainment, Books, Sports & other Business related posts.


Advertisers are companies who approach me for advertising space on Funkycolour. I do not have a long-standing relationship with them but I may have sometimes promoted their products. Currently, ad space is available in the side bar and the banner areas. There are text links sold within my posts but if this compromises my editorial vision, I am unable to accept such offers.

Funkycolour has sole approval of advertiser advertising requests and may reject or cancel campaigns for any reason, and is sole discretion of the blogger.