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Can Twitter Help Students Write Their Papers?

In this day and age of mobile technology, students are spending more and more time in social networking sites than in any other activities. They could allot hours communicating with their friends through their Facebook accounts, or get the latest updates from Google+.

But, do you know that you can also use these social media sites as homework guides?

Yes,Twitter can be a good venue to get help for any paper assignments. How? Here are seven ways to get essay help from your favorite microblogging site.

1. Post your questions in 140-characters or less

If you have been struggling to find the perfect approach for your topic, then maybe you can ask for help from your Twitter followers. You can even ask them to retweet your question so that other people can also read it and respond to get the favorable reply that would help you in your homework.

2. Be on the lookout for links to blogs or other content-rich sources

Back-read through your timeline to check if anyone had tweeted a link that would be useful for your topic. You can also checkout the trending topics or relevant hashtags for easier searching.

3. Follow the experts who are authorities on your topic

Find out if your favorite essay writers are also on Twitter. Follow them then try to be connected with them. Who knows, you can get an advice or two for your paper?

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4. Join in Twitter discussions

Twitter is a place filled with intelligent banters everyday. See if there is a current discussion about your topic that is taking place. Join them and be prepared to learn from different perspectives.

5. Look for posts from verified corporation and government accounts

A lot of businesses as well as federal, local, and government agencies have their own Twitter accounts. These are normally wells of information, so you might as well follow them and browse through their feeds every once in a while.

6. Let Twitter help you in conducting research

Aside from businesses, educational institutions and libraries also have their own Twitter accounts. Always make a point to follow them and ask them questions that will help you get more information about your essay topic.

7. Look for news stories related to your topic.

Check out the media outlets on Twitter to see if there are any relevant news or features regarding your chosen or assigned topic. You can use a relevant keyword to get you straight to the topic that you are searching for.

Twitter can definitely be a good online source to help make your essay more interesting. But remember, always cite your sources whenever you take an information out of it to avoid being accused of plagiarism. Ask your professors or other essay writers for proper citation for social networking sites.

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