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Car Looks not as Important For Older People, Study Suggests


When someone researches cars one of the first things. They will always notice is the way it looks way before they step into the driver’s seat to see how a car drives. Clearly, the exterior bodywork is one of the first things they see. And the only thing other drivers around you will see. But just how much weight do people put on a new car’s looks when they put pen to paper on their order? Well, a recent study by UK car leasing firm All Car Leasing called ‘doin’ it for the ‘gram’ seems to have found the answer to this age old question in their latest study entitled ‘doin’ it for the ‘gram.

Although their study focuses on car owner’s social media habits it was the section relating to aesthetic preferences we found particularly interesting and wanted to share with our readers. They asked their 600 odd respondents “What’s the main reason you choose your car?” and it was the vehicle’s reliability which came out on top. This means that looks came second whenever they were at the buying stage. In second place was how economical the engine was – and only then did exterior looks come in to play.

In a day and age where the likes of BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Ford do everything they can to make their cars pop. It is still the reliability and economy people care about. Which is really interesting as we personally felt that cars have never looked as striking. As they are today and most manufacturer’s focus on getting every single line right. Clearly, they should be putting more time under the hood if they want to sell cars!

However, there was one age group which did care more about the looks than anything else and that was, surprise surprise, the millennials! To be precise, those aged between 25 and 34. This makes perfect sense as during that age you are just starting out in life. And making a good first impression is really important especially when it comes to their social life. It’s always been a well known thing that a flash looking car was a sign of status and wealth. And who better to want to strive to achieve this than the millennials.

I’d love to know the thoughts of our readers on this. Do you buy your cars based on the way it looks or do you care about the performance above all else? Have you had any bad experiences of buying a car on looks only to find it let you down constantly? We welcome you to leave a comment.

The doin’ it for the ‘gram campaign is actually quite a lot bigger than what I’ve covered here. So I would suggest taking a look at the infographic below more information. To visit their original blog post or even take a listen to their podcast discussing the campaign for a more personal experience.

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Doin it for the gram

Doin’ it for the ‘gram by All Car Leasing

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