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Daimler Super Eight Recovery

Britain is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, the British car development history is also a long history, until now, many world-class F1 team is still the UK headquarters.

In the history of automobile development in the UK, there have been named Daimler car brand, its products not only full of luxury and advanced taste, it is the British Empire royal seat car maker, had in the 1920s for the British King George V Queen to build a V12 engine car seat, is the early leader in automobile manufacturing plant built specifically for luxury cars. With the evolution of time, Daimler Motor Company after several years of operation after 1960 was the acquisition of Jaguar Cars, faded motor racing, the early years of the royal family style like past yellowed photo gradually forgotten man. However, as Jaguar decided to put the top luxury cars market and launch Daimler Super Eight cars, Daimler once again in front of the world.

When the sale of the consumer into the exhibition hall of the Daimler Super Eight, Jaguar intends to make them rich and demanding and tastes of consumers highly personalized service, not only to show Super Eight of the luxury features and actual test drive, but also provide the back seat test ride service, allow consumers to feel the back seat of luxury buyers oriented interior setting, the car can also be equipped so that consumers are free to change and enjoy customized top courtesy. Daimler Super Eight has both inside and outside the new building with a total of six vehicles offer buyers choose color, fence around the body plus chrome trim inherited from Jaguar’s body contour, the appearance is more than familiar with the design sense of elegant flow lines, more showing the traditional British luxury atmosphere.

I hope this car’s new Jaguar Daimler Super Eight Daimler capable of expressing traditional luxurious top style, but also the perfect fusion of a new era of digital technology systems, bringing consumers a better travel experience, so the whole car inside and outside carefully designed not only to the pursuit of the ultimate luxurious sensuality, with the choice of materials and production quality have been the most stringent requirements, begging showing current car can reach the top and with style. Daimler Super Eight whole car festooned with extensive use of walnut interior space, also equipped with a voice-activated four-zone independent air-conditioning system and other luxury features, in order to express the uniqueness of the vehicles aftermarket auto parts before and after the four-seat headrests embroidered with Daimler factory emblem ” D “, a symbol of vehicles particularity. Multi-seat limousine after top buyers as the main orientation, thanks to the longest wheelbase in its class thanks to the, Super Eight has the largest class-section rear seat space and rear-seat legroom of 39 inches wide, nearly public feet of rear seat space for rear seat passengers enjoy unparalleled freedom and space to stretch margin, but also through the control panel to move the front seat and let sit in the back seat of the big boss has a broader comfortable space.

Dynamic aspects, Super Eight comes with a supercharged engine with 4.2 liters, with a six-speed automatic transmission, can play four hundred horsepower and 56.4 kg-meter power output, while using new aluminum chassis, reducing the two predecessors, one hundred kilograms of weight, so Daimler Super Eight zero to one hundred kilometers in just 5.3 seconds, also can provide a more stable and comfortable and dynamic ride experience. This is an area Jaguar product range for the first time into the top luxury cars, and therefore want Daimler Super Eight Jaguar hopes to Daimler family inherited the past distinguished luxury style, thereby to impress potential customers around the world. After the Daimler Super Eight is bound to compete with the listed Maybach limousine same position at the top level pitch. Maybach’s sales have been less than ideal, sales only reached half the Daimler Chrysler Group estimates, showing the difficulty of the top luxury car market operators; however Jaguar Daimler Super Eight cars on sales but has optimistic expectations, because Daimler brand the British royal family in the past worked for the royal selection and other countries, so that the royal family like Daimler has distinguished brand positioning, Jaguar believe that such a historical backdrop of the brand, Daimler Super Eight may attract buyers from around the world to buy a share of the royal family style.

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