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Eating out in London: Where Should You Go?

As one of the most visited capital cities in the world, London is awash with cafes, bistros and restaurants which cater for everything from snacks on the go to top class fine dining. You will find cuisines from all over the world coming together here with food being sold by street vendors through to restaurants with waiting lists as long as your arm. The range of food you can select from is vast as is the difference in price, so wherever you choose to eat out when you are in the city be sure to pick an establishment that suits both your tastes and your pocket.

Taking the Easy Option

One of the simplest ways to ensure that you have an enjoyable meal while you are in the city without trying too hard, is to eat at the restaurant within your hotel. You can book your table in the morning as you leave for a day’s sightseeing and then return in the evening knowing that your table is going to be ready when you need it and you are not going to have to scour London for a restaurant that can squeeze you in at the last minute. Of course restaurant menus vary from one establishment to the next so make sure that you are booked into a place which has at least a four star rating as these tend to have excellent restaurants as well as excellent room service menu options. If you do fancy something other than what the hotel is offering speak to the staff there as they will be able to recommend places to eat, especially if you are looking for a specific type of cuisine.

Deciding What to Eat

One of the biggest factors in selecting your restaurant is knowing what kind of cuisine you would like to eat. The choice of menus in London is probably more than you are used to having to choose from, but no matter what type of food you decide on you will find that there is a restaurant that will cater for your needs. You probably won’t even have to travel too far from your hotel to find it either. One of the great things about London is the transport system in the city, so even if you choose a restaurant that is across town you will have no trouble finding your way there or getting back to your hotel.

You could choose to sample to traditional cockney fare in the East End of London with a plate of pie, mash and liquor or you could go across to the West End and enjoy some fine dining in a Michelin starred restaurant owned by a celebrity chef, such is the variety to be found here. Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi that is offered by many of the hotels and even cafes around the city, and search online for a suitable restaurant for your evening meal, you will probably be able to check out the menu too so you can be sure that you will like what they have to offer when you get there.

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