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Important Guidelines For Preparation Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment

beautician conducting laser hair removal treatment

If you want to get rid of unwanted body hair, you have several options to go to. However, most of the techniques related to body hair removal are invasive and do not give a permanent solution to such hair growth problems. The laser technology for hair removal is an exception to this list. It is a non-invasive process that can get rid of hair permanently.

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To get an effective laser hair removal treatment, you need to undergo certain preparations. Here is a list of considerations one can follow to prepare yourself for effective laser treatment for your hairs:-

  • The patients need to take a fresh shower before coming for the treatment. The skin must be cleaned properly with proper soap. They must not apply any cream, oil, or lotions to your skin. Moreover, they should avoid applying any deodorants or other fragrances as well.
  • The patients must shave the area to be treated before the laser treatment is conducted. There are different time gaps to follow for this shaving process. For example, the legs must be shaved at least 24 hours before the treatment. Such considerations are made to avoid irritations.
  • Laser treatments are conducted in different sessions. The patients must not use any waxing, epilators, or tweezers in between these sessions. This consideration is important since laser treatment targets the root hairs, and therefore, they must be present during the treatment. Shaving is the best option, and one can even ask your laser tech to do it for you for some extra charges.
  • The patients must not expose their area of treatment to direct sunlight. The UV light from the sun is detrimental to the skin and hinders the treatment process. They must also avoid using any UV tanning beds before the treatment starts.
  • To prevent exposing the skin to direct sunlight, they can use a sunscreen cream that has a broad spectrum. It is helpful to choose a sunblock with an SPF value equal to or more than 30. Such creams will also protect the skin from the rain.
  • Most physicians who conduct laser hair removal treatment suggest against using any topical products on the treated area. Some of these topical products include salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinol, etc. These products might cause photosensitivity on the skin.
  • You must not apply any dermal fillers, botox injections, or microdermabrasion on the area to be treated. Such processes create problems during the treatment of root hairs by the laser beam. You must avoid them at least fourteen days before the laser treatment is conducted.
  • Along with these considerations, certain physicians recommend some medicines and exercises to ensure that the laser treatment is effective. The patient must go through all these instructions carefully and take the medicines as prescribed. Such advice helps the skin to prepare for the laser hair removal treatment.

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These are some of the common considerations that most patients need to undergo prior to the laser treatment. Along with these, some physicians also suggest extra considerations depending on the patient’s case. They might also suggest some dermal tests. Talk to your physicians about these points so that you can have effective laser treatment for your body hair.