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Silk Pillowcase Colours And Patterns

Silk Pillowcase Colours And Patterns

If you want to buy a pure mulberry silk pillowcase to treat your skin and hair, then you need to know about the awesome silk pillowcase colours there are to choose from!

Maybe you want a soft pink silk pillowcase – or would prefer one in baby blue. If dark shades are more your thing, then you might like to pick a hue such as dark blue, charcoal or black.

You can buy luxury silk  from My Silk Pillowcase in the UK. They come in a range of styles, including pastel colours, neutrals and prints that really pop.

Before we move onto the gorgeous selection of silk pillowcases you can buy, let’s take a quick look at the key silk pillowcase benefits. You’ll barely be able to believe that a simple pillowcase really can do all this for your hair and skin!

Why buy a silk pillowcase?

Silk pillowcases are the best news ever for your crowning glory and your complexion. Sleeping on silk is so much softer and smoother than cotton. This doesn’t only result in a more comfortable night’s rest, but it also has great benefits for how you look and feel.

Skin benefits

You can look younger when you sleep on silk – without using any expensive skin lotions or potions. This is because the super sleek surface of silk causes less drag on the skin during the night. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. And all you need to do to reap the benefits is to get your beauty sleep!

Hair benefits

The same thing happens with your hair. The smoother surface of the silk pillowcase causes lower levels of friction. This means less breakage, frizz and damage. Your tresses look and feel better, and are healthier than ever before.

Health and beauty benefits

Natural 100% Mulberry silk is also good news for your health. As it has antibacterial properties, silk is much more hygienic than any other type of pillowcase fabric. Silk is also thermo-regulating, meaning you stay cool – or warm – and comfortable in summer and winter. Without waking up due to night sweats, hot flushes or other causes related to body temperature.

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A note on buying silk pillowcases in the UK

Sounds good? Before you go ahead and buy a silk pillowcase, proceed with caution! Some major silk bed linen companies are based outside of the UK. This means your order will take longer to reach you.

It also means you could be liable for import taxes when your silk pillowcase makes it to the UK. Which doesn’t only leave you out of pocket – it also means you’ll wait even longer. And with all those perks to enjoy, who on earth would want that?

Silk Pillowcase is a UK-based, family run company. Their stock is stored on the south coast of England, ready to be delivered to your door. You can get in touch with them if any issues do arise, and the bulk of calls and emails are dealt with personally by approachable company director Michelle.

16 pretty silk pillowcase colours and prints

So now you know why you should invest in a silk pillowcase today, here’s exactly what you have to choose from!

Blue silk pillowcases

If you like the ideal of adding cool blue silk to your boudoir, then you’ll adore the dark blue, light blue or aqua silk pillowcases. The lightest one is the softest baby blue you can imagine, while the dark blue calls to mind those starry midnight skies.

Pink silk pillowcases

At My Silk Pillowcase, the pink colours are among the most popular lines they sell. You can pick between light pink and dark pink. These look good in any bedroom that’s decorated in pink, peach or neutral shades.

Very little fabric dye is needed for the light pink pillowcase, making it one of the softest options around. Or go wild for a patterned silk pillowcase by choosing a leopard print silk pillowcase in pink with black spots.

White silk pillowcases

You get the purest, most brilliant white when buying a white silk pillowcase. It’s ideal for giving your room that luxury hotel feel. And goes with anything. My SIlk Pillowcase also offers a king-size white silk pillowcase.

Pure Ivory silk pillowcases

If you want a silk pillowcase that’s as pure as it can possibly be, then buy an ivory silk pillowcase. This undyed shade is always slightly different, so every pillowcase is unique. Expect yours to be somewhere between white and cream.

As the ivory pillowcase is undyed, it’s the softest and smoothest of the entire range. An ivory silk pillowcase in king size is also available.

Neutral silk pillowcases

If you want a neutral shade that tones with anything, try a taupe silk pillowcase. The stylish, understated colour is just like that milky morning coffee you can’t live without. Or for added glamour, how about a gold silk pillowcase?

Gold and taupe do appear much the same in the photos, just as they do in real life. To help you choose, note that the gold is warmer, lighter and more yellowish, while the taupe is more of a toned-down chocolate brown.

Buy a luxury Grey silk pillowcase

Love neutrals? Then plump for a plain, chic grey silk pillowcase. Pick between dark charcoal and light, silvery grey. Be quick though, as a batch of these never stays in stock for long.

Light grey also comes in a larger king size option.

Black silk pillowcases

Make things darker by buying a 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase in black. It’s great for creating a crisp, contemporary look, such as in a city loft apartment. Black is perfect for those who may leave make-up on the pillow, too, as the dark colour is very forgiving indeed!

Tie dye silk pillowcase

Why stick to one shade when you could have all the colours of the rainbow? Every one truly is unique when you pick out this beauty. It’s not one for the shrinking violets among you!

If neutrals, greys, pastels or deep colours send you to sleep, why not try the tie dye silk pillowcase in all its technicolour glory?

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As a bonus, there’s bound to be a colour on there that you can find on your curtains, on the bedroom walls or within your bed linen.

Animal print pillowcases

Last but by no means least is the selection of safari print pillowcases. Pick between the grey, white and black snakeskin silk pillowcase, the leopard print pillowcase in black over pink or the zebra print pillowcase with black and taupe stripes.