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Top 4 types of wedding favours

Are you confused about the right wedding favour for your upcoming nuptial ceremony? Here is a lowdown on different types of wedding favours. Take a look.

1. Homemade wedding favours

Homemade wedding favours are a simple way to save money and add a personal touch to the gifts. In addition, making your own wedding favours can be fun and entertaining too. In fact, the task of making wedding favours can be turned into a small get-together. Let’s see how:

Call your friends and family members to help you in making homemade wedding gifts. Make this favour-making party more special by including some fun activities. Arrange for food and drinks along with music.

Homemade wedding favour ideas:

  • Chocolates/candies
  • Make chocolates and candies at home.
  • Cut small pieces of colorful paper.
  • Put these chocolates/candies in the centre of the paper.
  • Tie them neatly.
  • Use a ribbon to tie the corners of paper properly. (choose ribbon colour that matches with your wedding colour)

Note: Avoid using nuts in the chocolates as many guests might be allergic to them.

If you want, you can make different types of chocolates and candies. Guests can choose from the different varieties.

  • Personalized music CDs

Create music CDs that include all your favorite songs. Create an attractive cover on the music CD with picture (you and your partner) along with wedding date and time. Hand out these CDs at the end of the wedding ceremony.

Tip: Include small messages before each song. These messages can describe your love story. Remember that these small innovative ideas will impress the guests. They will cherish your wedding favour forever.

Note: make sure to create the wedding favours in advance to your nuptial ceremony. Or else, you might be struggling to complete the wedding favours till the last moment. Or you can hire an event planner coordinator who will organize the event in a systematic way.

2. Theme-based wedding favours

Decide upon the theme of the wedding. You can style your wedding favours based on your wedding theme.

For example:
Beach themed wedding – starfish candle holders, seashell cardholders, pair of flip-flops and so on.
Travel themed weddings – mint tins, customised luggage tags, travel guidebooks and so on.

3. Wedding favours based on social issues

Many couples choose wedding favours based on social issues. If you are also active in charities and social programs, use your wedding favours to make your guests aware about important social matters.

Talk with different charitable organisations for wedding favour ideas. They can help you in arranging a socially responsible wedding.

Ideas you can promote through wedding favours are:

  • breast cancer
  • global warming
  • metal recycling
  • animal protection

4. Edible wedding favours

Edible wedding favours are quite popular among most weddings. Here, you get endless options to choose. Ranging from cookies and jellybeans to chocolate truffles, there is a wide assortment present.

Other than chocolates, you can opt for things like –

  • gourmet coffee beans
  • barbecue sauce
  • tea sachets
  • vinegar bottles

Note: before you choose any edible wedding favour, make sure to personally taste it. Choose an item that all your guests will like. Do not settle with anything that you are unsure of.

Be careful about the presentation. Choose colourful wedding organza bags to carry the gifts. Tie it with a satin ribbon for an elegant and sophisticated presentation.