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Top 5 Iconic Yachting Destinations In Europe You Must Visit


Europe has some of the most gorgeous and exhilarating yachting destinations in the world, with timeless coastlines, beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and some intriguing fishing villages to explore.

There are all kinds of cultural wonders to discover throughout the coastal parts of Europe, so you certainly won’t be without things to do should you make the journey to one of the following popular sailing and yachting destinations.

#1.  Azores, Portugal

The nine islands of the Azores in Portugal are absolutely stunning and practically forgotten by many when it comes to searching for beautifully warm and relaxing North Atlantic yachting destinations.


The Gulf Stream has become a bit of a hot spot for the likes of Dolphins and Whales, so you can always keep your eyes peeled during your voyage and witness these fantastic creatures in the wild.

There is no better choice of destination for yachtsmen or women with a keen eye for marine life, while there is even some wonderfully soothing hot springs nearby that you can bathe in, close to some extinct volcano cones.

#2.  Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

The Dalmatian Coast offers a beautiful summer climate along with coastal towns full of history and culture. The clear seas are an absolute joy to sail on and there are over 1000 islands for you to explore.


There aren’t many other locations that can live up to the scenery you will find at the Dalmatian Coast, with idyllic sandy beaches, green mountains, gorges and stunning waterfalls coming together to create one of the most desirable yachting destinations in Europe.

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There are an authentic feel to the coastal towns and villages, so you will feel right at home straight away if you are an experienced traveller or yachtsman.

#3.  Turkey

If you are hoping to sail in the Mediterranean at some point. What to get a genuine taste of what these waters have to offer, there is no better place to visit than Turkey.


There are all kinds of wonderful spectacles to explore during the summer with quaint villages and Amphitheatres all in abundance.

You can take a break from your yacht with a swimming or snorkelling experience like no other and delve into the mysteries of the protected harbours and entire rocky coastline.

#4.  Devon, England

Devon is probably one of the most iconic locations in England if you are talking literary history. Southern England has always been a popular destination for enthusiastic yachtsmen and women. There is no better place to set sail during the summer than the beautiful Devon coastline.


The famous detective novelist Agatha Christie grew up in Devon. You will adore the genuine Elizabethan history that is still thriving today throughout the local towns and villages.

For the very best views you will look to voyage just offshore. And take in what remains one of the UK’s most attractive coastal landmarks.

#5.  Corsica, France

Our last destination is probably the most desirable. If you are looking to avoid the frenzied rush of tourists that often occurs during the summer.


Corsica is a forgotten gem of the Mediterranean. And it’s gives you a combination of stunning waters and beautiful coastal villages that are steeped in history.

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There are a number of small villages and harbours scatter across the striking western coastline. That are great if you are hoping to stop by and take in the wonderful surroundings.