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10 Excellent Variations for Pull-up Exercises


Once you accomplish the beginner level, you can try variations in pull up bar workouts. These variations concentrate on specific muscles and help in their strengthening and toning. Unlike beginner exercises that were basic and easy, these exercises are tougher to perform. It’s advised to warm up before doing them.

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1. Pull up:

This is the most basic exercise in the pull up bar exercise regime. Hang your body using your hands. Hands must face away from you and must be placed at shoulder distance. Once you are ready, pull yourself up till you reach above the bar, and then go back down. Don’t throw your body down while coming down, it can cause severe damage. Come down in a controlled manner.


2. Wide Pull up:

This is similar to the pull up but, with one variation. Your grip on the bar goes wider. The distance between your hands must be more than your shoulder width.

3. Chin up:

Palms must face towards you and the distance between your hands must be quite less. Probably within your shoulder width. Pull yourself up till your chin goes up and touches the bar. Come down slowly. Repeat.

4. Cliffhanger:

Stand sideways to the bar and grip your hands in a vertical line. Imagine holding a pole in front of you and raising it up over your head, with both palms facing each other. Now pull yourself up but don’t touch the bar with your head. Instead move to your left and rise above the bar. Come down and do the same on the right side.

5. Typewriter pull-up:

Hold the bar with a wide grip. While you go up, don’t moves upwards, instead move towards your left palm while going up. Once your left shoulder reaches your left palm, move yourself horizontally to the right till your right shoulder reaches your right palm. Go back to the left palm and come down. Do the same on the right side alternatively. You can even set a bar in your backyard or even in your living room.

6. Knee Raises:

These are simple but effective exercises. Hang down the pull up bar and join your legs from the toes. Now raise your knees as high as you can while you hang using your hands. Make sure that your upper body stays firm and doesn’t move.

7. Leg Raise Pull ups:

It’s a combination of raising your leg and pull up. In a chin up position, join your legs from the toes and pull yourself up. Simultaneously, raise your entire leg as you go up. Knees must not bend; legs must rise in a straight line. While you come down, lower your leg raise. Repeat.

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8. Skin the Cat:

Most of the kids do this exercise with ease. While in a pull – up position, bend your knees and rotate your entire body backwards. Your hands must be firm on the bar. Your knees must go through the space between the bar and your hands. Once you reach the extreme, rotate forward and come back to original position.

9. Criss-Cross:


Hang using your hands in chin up position. Raise your left knee up towards the right side while you turn your entire body to the right. With right knee, turn to the left. This improves core body stretch.

10. Hanging Cycle:

While hanging in pull up position, raise your knees up and start rotating both your legs as if you were riding a cycle. This exercise strengthens your upper body and also tones your abs.

Rest assured, spending just 15 minutes doing the pull-up bar regime per day, will keep you fit for a lifetime.

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