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12 Fun Activities to Try the Next Time You Hang Out With Your Friends


Looking for something fun to do this weekend? If you’re headed out with your friends like normal but want to try something a little different, check out these fun activities.

1. Throw a Pinterest Party

So, you have a million pins on Pinterest of recipes and crafts you intend to try out some day. How many of those have you actually done? Get your friends together and start making some of these pins a reality in your own home. Just make sure to plan ahead so you have all your supplies ready.

2. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun at any age. Admit it. There’s no need to get super organized. Just make a list of things each team has to find around your home town. Have the teams bring back the item, or if not possible, a photo of them with it. Here’s just one “Around Town” scavenger hunt checklist you can start with.

3. Set Up a Recycled Instrument Band

We don’t expect you to go on tour or anything (seriously, leave that to the professionals), but for one night, make a band out of recycled instruments. Use ice cream buckets as drums or water bottles filled with paper clips for maracas. Then, see what kind of music you can make out of it!

4. Try Your Hand at Origami

If one of your friends knows Origami, have him or her teach the rest of you. Otherwise, look up Origami instructions. If all else fails, you can make paper airplanes and challenge each other to a flight contest.

5. Make a Campfire

Everyone loves a campfire. Set one up when you’re just chilling with your friends, but don’t forget the ingredients for S’mores. If you don’t have a fire pit, you can usually find charcoal grills at your local park. At least you can still roast marshmallows over them!

6. Find a Free Tour

No matter how long you’ve lived in your town, you probably haven’t explored all of it. Check to see if there are any free museum, winery, or historical tours nearby. Most cities have self-guided walking tour plans if all else fails. Otherwise, create your own walking tour to explore your town or city!

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7. Play in the Rain/Snow

Even adults aren’t too old to build a snow fort every now and then. Not winter? Head outside during the rain for an epic mud battle.

8. Play American Idol

Let’s be honest. You’d probably rather have a karaoke contest than play charades. So connect to Youtube and sing your favorite tunes!

9. Go Geocaching

If you have a GPS, then you have all you need to go geocaching. Just download the coordinates to treasures via sites like to get started right away!

10. Make a Time Capsule

It’s never too late to start saving up your memories. Whether you choose to bury your time capsule or just keep it in storage for a few years, you can always come back to it decades down the road and enjoy your memories with your friends.

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11. Challenge Each Other to Swivel Chair Races

Head down your dorm room halls, or set up a starting and ending point along your street, and then team up for swivel chair races. It may be a little bit dangerous, but it will be fun and create memories!

12. Make a Fort

Because seriously, no one is too old to enjoy a tent fort.

What crazy things do you do with your friends? Tell us in the comment section.