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4 Varieties of Underwear Every Man Must Have

range of stylish men's innerwear

Underwear is essential clothing good for your health and hygiene. Health-wise, quality underwear absorbs body fluids, provides support to your genitals, keeping them comfortable throughout the day, reduces friction between your clothing and genitals, and regulates lower body temperature. Apart from quality, your choice of men’s underwear should also be based on type or style, impacting your daily life. Therefore, it is important to wear the right underpants since some styles work better for your body than others. Below are essential points to help you pick the right men’s innerwear classified under the respective types.

1. Boxers

The gents’ boxers were inspired by the loose boxing shorts worn by professional boxers. The boxing shorts were designed to be wider than the wearer’s thighs to provide enough comfort and freedom of movement during fights. Like the old boxers, men’s boxers today suits any man who doesn’t have a thin frame. Hence suitable for athletes. If you work out frequently, are well fit, or have muscles, boxers should be your choice. You can wear boxers at home, at casual sports events, or when going out.

2. Briefs

These are tight men’s underpants with an elastic waistband and only covers roughly 5 inches of the upper thigh. Briefs cover the crotch tightly hence supporting your genitals well. If you have a masculine body, log in to to get yourself a variety of latest trend, stylish briefs that allow you to show off all parts of your body except what is supposed to be concealed. Also, lean guys who have a problem gaining muscle look good in this trendy underwear since they don’t accentuate their thinness.  For the case of well-built men or men with wide hips, briefs bring more attention to your hip size or weight. They are comfortable and movement-friendly; however, the body risk stretching them out over time. Briefs are usually sexy and can also emphasize your so-called ”package”. You can wear briefs on dates, home or sports and activities.

3. Boxer Briefs

This combines the close fit of men’s briefs with the shape of men’s boxer. When worn, the genitals feel well-supported and comfortable since the extra fabric covers more of the thigh area. It is the most versatile underwear type because nothing feels too loose, too tight, or exposed overall when worn.

4. Trunks

These are boxer briefs with a shorter thigh coverage. Men’s trunks are made with less fabric and a smaller waistband, resembling swimming trunks. Trunks have a more tight fit as compared to typical boxer briefs. As long as the quality is good, trunks rarely lose their elasticity with time. They are mostly indicated for slender men. You can wear trunks at moderate sports events, home, or swimming dates.

The above four types of underwear are necessary for men. Besides offering a wide range of stylish men’s innerwear, sites such as give you a set of instructions on how to clean individual men’s underpants depending on the fabric to ensure long-lasting services and prevent damage.