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A Mirror of Your Companies Reputation – Social Media Monitoring


Does anyone remember how the world was prior to the inception of Social Media? How we collected valuable customer review, whether it was a restaurant or some business? How we followed or get to know the trends of our favourite publication or any competitor’s to-do’s?

It’s really amazing to know how the world has transformed in such short duration of time. Now we have all rights to share what our likes and dislikes are, but is someone listening our valuable needs?

Social Media Helps:

Have you ever bothered or tried to monitor what people are saying about you online? Social Media Monitoring can help you to collect that valuable information. Wait, but what exactly is Social Media Monitoring? It’s just listening to discussions that are going throughout the world involving your brand, your competitors and your industry. Now I know what would be your next question, how it will your brand to grow? It’s simple, millions of people online are discussing about your brand and having conversation will give some positive or negative information, and you can analyse that negative information for improvements of your brand.

By the way, have you ever tried using Google search to locate a company website, phone number or address? I did this, when I was called for an interview. The first results from that search turned up consumer reviews, and not the company website. The reviews were negative, and it helped me to not allocate there. This is how reviews define the company’s reputation. What if the company reviews were positive, it could have helped them right? In short, if you are not aware about what is being said about your company, you can lose potential employee or customers.

As social media has become so prominent, it is vital for a business to consider their customer feedback, or any potential problem that can damage their business. Social Media Monitoring serves as a solution to all such issues. With social media measurement you can know where you stand; you can jump on opportunities, discover where your business hangs, improve customer care, you can identify your influence that mean whose opinions hold the most weight in your business.

With a little time and creativity, you can use social listening to not just monitor the brand, but even enhance content marketing, product management, business development and much more. Let’s study in brief how social media monitoring helped me to develop business.

Solve problems and be on top

One beneficial way of developing business opportunities is to monitor the keywords that narrate about people’s problems and needs or their frustration. Once you get a glimpse, you can reach those potential customers. You can note down their expectation of the product and can gauge where you are lacking. Then elaborate why your product is important, their highlighting points and make sure you answer their question.

Magnetise New Customers

To increase your business leads, brainstorm what keywords can be use when searching a product and yeah track those terms across forums and social groups. Join the conversation and hit upon about any possible customers needs and expectation. Later, after your briefing about the product to them, check if anyone from the forum signed up to try your product. Then you can start your work, by sending them lucrative offers and even help them stating how and where to start from.

Drive Innovation

With social listening, you have no need to ask and analyse what people require the most. Just listen and examine their conversations and figure out what your next innovation or improvements.

Thus, this is how Social Listening / Social Media Monitoring can help you build your business growth. Now you need to discover and examine how it will work for your business.