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Keeping Your Style up to Date: What Are 5 of the Most Popular Necklace Designs?


Visit any jeweler and you may be amazed at the numerous types of necklaces available today. However, this does not mean every necklace is appropriate for every occasion. The following are five of the most popular necklace designs and when they should be worn. This doesn’t mean individuals shouldn’t consider other types offered, as personal preference plays a large role in what works for a person and their outfit.



Pendants are any necklaces with an ornament hanging down from the chain. Lockets are a good representation of this jewelry type, although there are numerous others like silver locket and etc.. As with many necklace styles, people as far back as the ancient Egyptians have been wearing these items. In fact, the necklace style may have been around even longer. In the early days, the chain was often adorned with stones or shells, but now people will find them with every type of material. Don’t hesitate to see jewelry online that represents this particular style to get a better idea of the many options one has to choose from when purchasing this item.

Belcher Chains


Petite women are discovering the benefits of wearing a Belcher chain. This type of necklace looks elegant on those who are of small stature. People easily identify this type of necklace, as it is made up of different round rings that are joined together to provide an elegant look.



This necklace style accentuates the beauty and elegance of the wearer’s neck and fits tightly around the throat. Many chokers are made from velvet to ensure they sit comfortably on the neck, and quite a few come with emblems or jewels. Women often reserve these pieces for evening wear and choose styles that contain diamonds or studs. However, there are chokers today that can be worn at any time, as they offer a more casual look. It’s all a matter of what the woman is trying to say with her jewelry.



This necklace style has been around for centuries. First worn in Greece, the necklace feature threads of chain with elements interwoven through the chain to create a draping necklace. Many women during the Victorian era opted for this type of adornment as do those who love Art Nouveau pieces. Today, most jewellery of this type is made with precious metals, pearls, or gemstones. The chains tend to be different lengths and frequently come with several clusters or drops. These clusters or drops surround one central feature, differentiating this type of necklace from the Lavalier which only has one feature. A necklace of this type often serves as a statement piece in an outfit.



Like festoon necklaces, beaded varieties have been worn for centuries. In fact, beads have often been referred to as the Adam and Eve of jewellery. Egyptians pharaohs would adorn their bodies with beaded necklaces and the trend continues today. Choices range from the casual to the elegant. One woman may choose to wear a necklace made with paper beads that her child created. Another might opt to put on a strand of pearls for a night at the symphony. Coral, clay, crystal, and glass beads are other options, and women find there is a necklace of this type to coordinate every outfit.

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Begin shopping for necklaces today. Those who do so find there is something for everyone in every price range. In fact, you might find numerous styles you wish to buy. Necklaces do so much to enhance an outfit that picking only one or two can definitely be a challenge.