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Making Your Own Paintball Gun Stand

Paintball is a very popular sport event among teenagers nowadays. This sport can either be played as individual or group. This sport can be added as a fun event to the teenage parties. Since this sport includes shooting with toy guns with paintballs, this can be very entertaining for the crowd and the people who are playing the game. Paintball gun is the main instrument that is used to play this sport. This gun is normally assembled using plastic and metal parts. This paintball gun should be properly stored in order to make a good use of it for a long time and for its own safety. Making a paintball gun stand will be helpful for you to store your gun without putting it here and there. It would also be cheaper than buying an expensive gun stand from the local store.

There are several ways to make your own paintball gun stand. You can use materials like wood or plastics. The easiest way to make a portable gun stand for your paintball gun is by using PVC pipes. This is the cheapest and quickest way of making a paintball gun stand.

Things that you need

A pipe saw for cutting the pipes
PVC pipes
PVC 90’s (amount can vary depending on your design)
PVC pipe glue
PVC “T” (this “T” will be cut in half in order to fit the barrel of your paintball gun)

Planning and making your own design

This is a very important part of making your paintball gun stand. You need to draw your own design for the gun stand. Make a good plan of what you want to make. Count the joints and bends that you are going to put in the design. Doing this can help you to get an idea about the PVC parts that you need in order to build the gun stand. After you prepare a design, make your way to the local hardware store and buy the PVC pipes, bends and other things that you need. Planning will help you save time without spending it in the hardware store wondering what kind of parts you will be needing to do the job.

Fixing the parts together to make your gun stand

After you have planned your design and bought all the things you need from the hardware store, it is time to assemble your masterpiece. Use the PVC pipe glue to connect the PVC parts together in order to build your gun stand. Make sure to wait for a moment after you fixed a one joint so that it won’t slip when you fix another one. Cut the PVC “T” joint in half and fix it according to your plan to hold the barrel of the paintball gun. When you are finished assembling the PVC parts, leave it for a moment to get fixed properly. After that you can use some paint to add a colourful design to your own paintball gun stand. Using this method you can create various types of gun stands according to various designs and it will only cost you a few bucks.