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The “I Have Nothing to Wear” Syndrome

I get up in the morning and I open the wardrobe to pick my clothes for the day, and what is my great surprise when I find out that I have nothing to wear. And no, this is not happening because someone has secretly broken in through the night and has emptied my wardrobe… This same wardrobe from where I don’t have anything to wear is actually pretty much bursting up from the clothes there, but I still have nothing to wear.

The reason for this misfortune is because I:

  • have gained some weight;
  • have lost some weight;
  • I am fed up with my new clothes already;
  • I saw this amazing blouse/dress/skirt/jacket in the mall.

And this can definitely ruin my mood right from the very start of the day. The same thing happens every single time I must go to a party, a job interview or a dinner with my boyfriend’s parents. Sounds familiar, huh?

Why is this happening? The answer is not so simple, because things that have caused this problem may have different character. And don’t forget that after all, we are all human beings, and this automatically makes us consumers, who are not happy with what they have. Undoubtedly, the fashion brands known worldwide are also guilty because they thrust new fashion trends right before our noses every season. We can look for the causes of the problem pretty much everywhere, but the most important thing is that it has a solution. It is not necessary to possess the clothes of a movie star in order to look stylish every day. The following tips will prove my point to you.

Get rid of everything that you don’t actually need

2Come on, girls, admit it. You have tens of thousands of clothes that you no longer put on because of a weight loss/gain. Standing in from of the mirror wondering how did the skirt or pair of jeans fit is not a great start of our day. In order to skip this unnecessary torture, take your time and put away all clothes that you don’t wear any more. Throw them away, give them to a friend of yours, put them in the bottom drawer of your wardrobe – it doesn’t matter. The result is what really matters, and you must face it – you don’t need these clothes anymore.

Put the ranks into order

If your clothes are scattered everywhere, it is very likely you don’t see the shirt that makes the perfect match with the skirt you have chosen to wear for the day. So, put your place in order and fold your clothes or use some hangers to stack them properly. This will save you time and efforts, especially if you are in a hurry.

Look for some inspiration

You can find hundreds of fashion blogs on-line, where bold and creative ladies offer different outfits on a daily basis. Their combinations are often unconventional, but they can actually give you some ideas of making the best combination of your own.

Steal something from your boyfriend’s clothes

You are sick and tired of your clothes and you even want to lay your eyes on them anymore? The solution of the problem can be in your boyfriend’s closet. Remember that oversize clothes are pretty fashionable this year, so steal a little something and try it on in order to make a great outfit.

Remember: Envy is a sin!

You find your friend’s new dress or pair of shoes fascinating? You start to think how great would her clothes look on you? Stop! Don’t compare yourself with the others and remember that you look good enough. Love yourself and the way you look, because there are many women who envy you for sure.

How to go shopping?

A shopping-therapy every now and then is favorite to most women. However, before you go and spend a fortune on clothes you don’t actually need check a few tips that will help you:

  1. Do not buy clothes that are not your size. It doesn’t matter how great they look or how cheap they are – there is no use keeping them in your wardrobe if they don’t fit.
  2. Buying a piece of clothing that doesn’t match anything you already have is not a good idea. This dooms it to an eternal prison deep down in a drawer waiting for its perfect match.
  3. Think twice before you buy something that is a total hit. This usually means that a lot of other women will have it, too and next season it will be considered as old-fashioned. Buy some clothes that are versatile and have a classic cut, because they have a long life.

Author Bio: Paula Sheamus’ big love is fashion and design. She is really keen on new clothes and perfumery. She is currently working for Hanwell move out cleaning and she is really satisfied with her work.