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What Kind of Restaurant Should You Open?

If you prefer to eat out or if you adore cooking or eating food, chances are you might have thought about what it might be like if you open your own eating place. But starting your own place is quite challenging. There are several issues to consider, such as permits, funds, as well as manpower. But before you turn your attention to all the nitty-gritty stuff, the first issue that you need to settle on is your concept.

Settling on a Restaurant Concept

Your concept will be the basis of everything else, from your menu to your employees. The more complicated your concept is, the more resources you need; and vice-versa. There are certainly several restaurant ideas to choose from, but here are 3 general options for you to consider.

1. Quick Service Restaurant

All of your favorite fast food places, such as McDonalds and KFC, fall under this category. Because such eating establishments are pretty familiar in today’s communities, it won’t be hard for you to get an idea about what sort of food items are served in these places. Usually, there are quick-to-cook meals that are ready for take out. It’s also common for meals to be offered in bundles, like a Happy Meal which usually includes a burger, fries, and a drink. For a few dollars more, clients can opt to upsize their drinks.

In case you are seriously considering going into the fast food restaurant business, you need to come up with a simple menu that can be prepared quickly and easily. Think about having a drive through window, and be sure to have delivery services too. Look into franchising as well. You might find this more advantageous than starting from scratch.

2. Casual Dining Restaurants

If you want a place that offers good food and a relaxing atmosphere, maybe you ought to open a casual dining restaurant. Here, the atmosphere won’t be too agitated compared with a fast food place. Clients can sit back and relax, order their food, and enjoy their fare. Instead of having people order their food, you can also present a buffet where individuals can readily choose what to eat. Unlike most fast food places that don’t offer beer or wine, casual dining restaurants usually have bars, and they have a menu for beer and wine. Family style restaurants also fall under this category. In such establishments, generous food servings are presented in platters that families can enjoy. Since these places are family-oriented, you won’t find beer or wine in the menu.

3. Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine dining restaurants are definitely more upscale. Their menus are often specific with well-planned meal courses. Such restaurants often have a more extravagant interior in order to keep up with a certain ambiance. Waiters here are uniformed and they are very well-trained in the art of serving. Food has visual impact, and it is often made from top quality meats and produce. As you might expect, fine dining restaurants are quite expensive. Plus, you might have to make a reservation and follow a restaurant’s dress code.

Claire Griffin is a freelance writer who regularly writes about her food adventures. She covers many topics, including menus, restaurants, new cooking techniques, as well as organic produce. She also provides material for a restaurant consulting company that offers assistance to those who are planning to open up their own eating places.