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3 Smart Gadgets Perfect for Your Room

Setting up your personal room has to be one of the most important projects to undertake. After all, your room is your sanctuary so why not invest in it? Anytime we think of changes to a room, we mostly think interiors; the color of the walls, whether they should be painted or whether to use wallpaper, switching up the furniture, adding something new – there’s so much that can be done. 

However, changing the look of your room or adding something new does not always mean you should spend a significant amount. Sometimes it takes a thing or two to lift the look – and we don’t mean furniture or paint, we’re talking about tech gadgets. Switching up the technology in your room or your home is not something that comes to your mind when you think of renovation. But seriously, how cool would it be to have a modern room? Where you can turn off the lights by clapping or control things via remote control and voice commands. 

Here are 3 smart gadgets that you could easily transform your bedroom with, to add that modern, cool touch.

Smart Lights

You probably remember such movies where the rich kids clap to turn on the lights leaving their friends in awe of the modern technology and architecture of their homes. Well, you don’t have to be rich to have that kind of technology in your home.  Smart lights are easily available and quite affordable to the average income bracket citizen, and a great way to add the cool factor to your room.

Smart lights work by connecting via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and are accessible through our phones, laptops, tablets – basically very easily and wirelessly accessible. They are also compatible with voice assistants, so whether it’s the Amazon Echo or simply just Siri on your iPhone, you can control the lights with voice command too, other than controlling it from devices in hand. Smart lights are also available in multicolor so your standard warm light can even turn into your preferred color to set the vibe.

Smart Speakers

Having a speaker in your room and blasting out music or dancing to it has got to be the best therapy – apart from the noise, but they also come in handy to watch movies while you’re cozied up in bed instead of using your headphones right? Smart speakers are essentially Voice Assistants, all-in-one; so not only do you have a speaker, you also have a virtual assistant that syncs with your electronics around the house (not just your room) to make it easier to control them.

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Smart speakers can make it easier to note down reminders, schedules, place calls, send texts while you do your makeup – without you having to actually pick up your phone to do it yourself. Not just that, they sync to smart devices too so if you for instance have smart lights in your room or around the house, it makes it so much more convenient to turn the lights on or off. 

Smart Plugs

They say you shouldn’t leave your electronics like phones and laptops on charge overnight. It’s hazardous and also could potentially ruin your electronic devices. Having smart plugs around the house sounds like a good way to protect your home electronics because these plugs can be controlled via apps that can be downloaded onto smartphones. It makes it easier to control the electrical outlet whether you’re home or out and to set automatic schedules so that if you were to doze off while binge-watching your favorite show your laptop charger that’s plugged in can turn off when it’s time. 

Smart plugs would be a great addition to anyone’s room. This way you can charge your phone while you sleep and have the charger switch off automatically according to the set schedule – and avoid having low battery the following morning because we all know how things can go downhill on a busy day if your phone dies on you. It is also perfect for those that probably forget to switch off the curling iron in a rush on their way out; simply check the smart plug app on your phone to double-check. Sounds pretty cool right?

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