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5 Essential Bedroom Tech Gadgets

Here are some of the best tech gadgets that everyone should have in their bedroom. Some will help you get to sleep, some will help wake you up, and some will just help make your bedroom look a little less cluttered.

A TV Bed

Some people think that TV beds are the ultimate luxury, when in fact, they’re not that much more expensive than a regular bed.

TV beds are a great way to save on space; you don’t need to invest in a chest of drawers to balance the TV on, you don’t need to install a TV on your wall and have to mess about with a load of trunking, and it means that there isn’t a TV permanently out throughout the day. 

If you’re still unsure on whether you need a TV bed in your life, then this Happy Beds blog explains a little more about them.

Google Home

Google Homes are great in any room of the house, but the bedroom especially. You can ask your Google Home to set an alarm for the morning, ask it to snooze your alarm and most importantly for those that are ready to rise, ask Google to turn the alarm off.

Not just that, but you can choose your favourite song to wake you up too and continue using it to play your favourite Spotify playlists while you get ready for the day.

An e-Reader

E-readers such as Kindles are great for beside your bed, as you don’t need to use the lamp that could potentially be keeping your partner awake while you read a physical book. These also remove the sound of turning pages and you won’t have any blue light keeping you awake and ruining a good night’s sleep.

“I used to wake up quite a bit at night and then struggle to fall asleep again, which is why I’d use an iPad and the blue light filters on there until I drifted off. I don’t think it would’ve gone down too well with my wife if I turned the light on at 3am every night so I recommend some sort of e-reader over a physical book for those in similar boats!” says Scott Jones, Managing Director of Illustrate Digital.

An Electric Blanket

If you love getting into a warm bed, then you need an electric blanket. It works as a heater and sits under your bed sheets that you can control using the remote on the side. It plugs into your wall and will heat up in minutes!

“Getting into a bed that’s had an electric blanket on for the previous ten minutes makes a huge difference and there is honestly no better feeling!” says Emma Hull, PR Executive at Pure Property Finance.

5. A Sleep Tracking Watch

At first, a watch while you’re trying to sleep may seem really big and bulky, but you get used to it after a while. A sleep tracking watch such as a Fitbit will tell you how long you’ve been asleep, what time you fell asleep and what times during the night you wake up. It’s interesting to see – sometimes, you think you’ve had the best sleep but actually realise you were awake once or twice at night!

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If you have any more tech ideas that you think will work well in the bedroom, then we’d love to hear other suggestions too!