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How to Maximize Space in Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom too small? Do you find yourself looking for places to put things, or pushing and shoving boxes and belongings into closets and under your bed just to get everything out of the way and feel less claustrophobic? There are many ways to make do with whatever space we have, and although some of them involve giving up a few luxuries you might really want, usually it’s worth it to have a comfortable living space. If you’re thinking about redecorating and want to add a more roomy feel to your bedroom, you might want to try one or more of these options.

1. Reduce The Size of Your Furniture

Number one on the list is your bed. Sure, it might be nice to have a huge bed, but is giving up the extra space really worth it? If you’re living on your own, especially in a dorm or studio apartment, a twin bed can be fine, or even a futon or a sofa bed. And ditch the giant armoires you don’t really need, too. Don’t look for more storage than you need, and if a table or dresser isn’t serving a necessary function in your room, you should get rid of it or find something smaller.

2. Be Organized

Clean out your closets really thoroughly so you know exactly how much space you have. The same goes for desks, drawers, and everywhere else you keep things in your room. If you know where everything is, you’ll know what you can get rid of and what you can downsize. Don’t be a pack rat, either – if you never throw anything away when you’re cleaning your room, you’re probably doing something wrong. At the very least, move your excess stuff out of your closets and into storage or the garage if you don’t regularly use it.

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3. Use the Walls

Really need that flat screen television? Get a wall mount. Need a shelf to put your books or DVDs? Again, get one that goes on the wall. Buy some hooks to hang your coats, or get one of those shoe bags for the back of the closet door. Anything you can do to free up floor space by putting it on the wall will instantly make your room seem much more open and spacious. usually, those kinds of products are made with maximizing space in mind.

4. Embrace Illusion

When you can’t get a bigger space, you can sure make it seem like a bigger space. The colours you paint your walls will give the illusion of more space if they are light pastels instead of heavy dark tones. When you hand things on your wall, try one or two big pictures instead of a bunch of little ones, which can give the impression of clutter. And try more reflective surfaces – a couple of decent-sized mirrors will definitely make the room seem bigger to anyone who enters.

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Chances are, you will be living in a bedroom too small for your tastes at some point, where you will struggle with fitting all your belongings and making it feel like home. But you can always look at it as a chance to streamline your life. Get rid of the clutter and put some thought into your decor, and you will find yourself in a space that feels truly yours.

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