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7 Tips and Tricks to Take Control of Clutter and Maximize Your Small Home with No Storage!

organize your small home

Living in a small house with no storage can be an overwhelming and disheartening experience.

It feels like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of clutter and chaos.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! With the right tips and tricks, you can find creative ways to squeeze storage out of even the tiniest living spaces.

In this article, we’ll take you through seven simple steps for how to organize a small house or apartment with no storage.

Don’t despair! There are ways to take back control and create an organized, clutter-free living space. Here are seven tips to help you make the most of the space you have and organize your small home with no storage.

Step One – Set Parameters for Future Purchases

The first step to organizing your small home is to set parameters for any future purchases. This means considering items that can serve multiple purposes.

Examples include ottomans or coffee tables with hidden compartments, beds and sofas with drawers underneath them, or even furniture pieces with built-in storage options. This way, every item you add to your home will help you maximize the available space.

Step Two – Utilize Vertical Space for Storage

Vertical space is often overlooked when it comes to storage solutions but it can be an ultra-efficient use of space. Consider placing shelves on walls; utilize tension rods in closets or behind doors to hang clothes vertically; use bins or baskets to store books and other small items; and consider using wall racks or tension rods in bathrooms to hang towels.

Step Three – Utilize Furniture for Storage

Your furniture can be a great tool for creating more storage in your home. Place boxes under beds and couches to store out-of-season clothing, extra blankets/pillows, or whatever else you may need.

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Invest in multi-functional furniture pieces such as armoires which double as both wardrobes and shelving units, or trunks at the foot of your bed which provide both additional seating space as well as more room for storing items.

Step Four – Utilize Wall Space for Storage

Make use of wall space by installing hooks for hanging coats or bags, pegboards above desks or work areas for tools, craft supplies, etc., and potentially even racks for kitchen utensils or kid’s toys. You can also use nails or adhesive hooks on walls to hang up pictures, jewelry, hats etc.

Step Five – Utilize the Back of Doors

(especially those that lead into closets). Over-the-door shoe organizers are great for keeping shoes off the floor while they are easily accessible; however they can also be used in closets as well to store craft supplies, office supplies, toys etc.

Clear plastic pockets over the door are a great way to store items that you need quick access to.

Step Six – Get Creative with Storage Solutions

Look into furniture pieces like ottomans with hidden compartments, beds with drawers underneath them, coffee tables with secret compartments — these creative solutions mean that the possibilities when it comes to taking control of clutter are endless! If you don’t have access to these specialty items then invest in stackable plastic bins which are great for storing out-of-season clothing, seasonal wardrobe pieces, and extra linens.

Step Seven- Call a Professional

Reach out to a Wecasa professional cleaner when in distress. A Wecasa pro can help you to declutter, organize, and deep clean your home. They can also provide advice and tips on how to best utilize your space so you can keep it organized in the future.

Start by booking a deep cleaning service in order to declutter and clear out your home, then you can make more room for organizing items in the future.

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If you feel overwhelmed by the lack of storage in your home, following these seven tips and tricks will help you take back control of your living space and create an organized, clutter-free environment.

Don’t hesitate to ask for some professional help when needed to maximize the efficiency of your home-organizing process!

Happy Cleaning!

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