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How To Choose The Best Lino Flooring For Your House


Linoleum is an environmentally friendly type of flooring that is being loved by many because of its deep and vivid colors. Lino flooring can be seen in so many homes, schools, churches and offices. This kind of flooring is the choice of many because of its durability and cost effectiveness. Aside from that, it is easy to clean and maintain that it can last for several years. Organize and plan your flooring project by asking yourself some things, including where you wish to install linoleum, what is your floor area, where are you going to purchase linoleum and how much is your budget for your flooring project. Determining what you want or what you need is crucial to having good flooring.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Linoleum

If you are thinking about installing linoleum in your business or home, you should consider some things before actually purchasing and having the linoleum installed. lino-vinyl-flooring

Colors, Style and Design

Among the things you have to consider before buying linoleum are the style, color and design. The most considerable advantage to having lino vinyl flooring for your home is the option to select from so many styles, design and colors to fit almost all home decorating ideas. You can find flooring of this type with unique designs that could surely fit different home themes. You may have linoleum floors all over your home. You may even choose something that looks like a wood floor or marble. There are so many designs and textures to choose from. Whether you like something green or maroon in color, you can surely have what you want to have clean looking flooring.


You want to get the most out of your money, of course! So, make sure that you buy durable linoleum. Although most linoleums are popular because of their durability, you should check well which brand or product item will surely last long. Choose wisely especially if you will be installing the linoleum in busy rooms like the kitchen or other high traffic rooms.

Pets and Children

If you have pets and children, there are features of linoleum that make it perfect for you and these are the following: (1) Resiliency and (2) Antimicrobial Go for linoleums that can resist mold growth and fungi. Also, check if your preferred product can stand up to children’s playful nature.

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Linoleum products can be made using different materials and because of this, their prices vary. Some products can be made from natural materials like recycled wood flour, linseed oil, limestone and cork dust. Most are anti-bacterial too and biodegradable. If you are in search for “green” floor, linoleum is then your best choice! However, how much money you are willing to spend must be considered too. Like purchasing other products, you should think about how much your budget for installing linoleum is. This will help you choose which design or style to opt for.

Where to Find Cheap Linoleum

Most people are looking for products where they could get big savings. It is just practical to search for cheap linoleum so you can focus your budget more on other home improvement projects. When looking for linoleum, you may consider browsing the Web. These days, a lot of companies are offering a variety of linoleum products online. You can even choose from different designs, styles and colors. You may even compare which one will best fit your floor. Almost all linoleum products can fit on any floor types. The Internet is the best place where you can browse a wide array of linoleum floors designed to match any taste, budget and lifestyle.

Basic Care

Once you have successfully installed lino flooring, it is imperative to care for it if you want it to last long. Most linoleum require less care so, you can do basic cleaning. To keep your linoleum as good as the first day it was installed, here are some basic care tips:


  • Regularly sweep linoleum floors to eliminate debris and dirt.
  • Mop linoleum floors when needed. You can use plain water or a mild cleanser.
  • Wipe up spills the moment you see it.


  • Do not use harsh cleaners. Some cleaners contain alkaline or ammonia. Avoid these cleansers as they can discolor your linoleum floors. High pH cleansers can put your linoleum, so make sure to check the cleansing products you are purchasing.

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Having new flooring is an investment. It is crucial to look at lifestyle factors that you have and how such may impact your flooring selections and options.