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How to Remodel Your Home and Make It More Energy Efficient


When most people remodel an older home, it is largely because the home is no longer stylish. Its permanent fixtures, such as light fixtures and faucets, may reflect a style from one or two decades ago or more. While remodelling is a great way to transform an outdated home into a modern vision that you love, remodelling is also an opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Over the years, homes have become increasingly energy efficient, and this means that there are many materials and products that you may be able to use today that can result in a major improvement in your own home. Remodelling efforts that improve both style and energy efficiency can result in a home that you can more thoroughly enjoy living in for many years to come.


Focus on Your HVAC System

If your home is like most others, your heating and cooling system is among the largest single sources of energy consumption. There are several changes that you can make to improve this, including replacing an older HVAC system with a newer model with an Energy Star rating. In addition, you can seal or replace your air ducts, add more insulation to the exterior walls and attic of your and re-seal your doors and windows.

If funds allow, you may consider investing in new windows with a higher energy efficiency rating or replacing your blinds and drapes with styles that may help you to reduce heating and cooling costs. For example, louvred shutters will be more energy efficient that sheer drapes. These steps will help to ensure that your new HVAC system functions with peak efficiency. Some home owners may see a drastic decrease in heating and cooling costs through these efforts.

Make Changes to Your Plumbing System

When you think about energy efficiency changes you can make in your home, you may not think about your plumbing system. However, this is an area that you should focus your attention on to see an improvement. The hot water system that you are using will impact energy consumption each time you use hot water. This may be for bathing, cooking, cleaning and more. In addition, the type of faucets that you are using in your bathroom and kitchen can influence. How much hot water is used. You can improve the look of your kitchens and bathrooms and decrease hot water consumption when you choose low-flow faucets.

Upgrade Your Lighting Fixtures

Another idea is to upgrade your light fixtures. First, think about installing skylights or solar tubes to bring more natural light into the space. Solar tubes can even reflect star light during the evening hours on a cloudless night. For rooms that require light fixtures, replace outdated fixtures with stylish options that accept CFL or LED bulbs. This can result in on-going savings while improving the look of your home.

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Replace Your Appliances

There have also been great advances in energy efficiency for home appliances. If you have a limited budget, consider that the refrigerator, washer and dryer may be the appliances in your home. That use the most energy after the HVAC system. Therefore, focus on these appliances first when you are making an upgrade. Other kitchen appliances, such as the range and dishwasher, may also be replaced for savings. Choose a finish that you will love. But pay attention to the Energy Star rating on each of these appliances to find the models. That will yield the best results with regards to energy efficiency.

When remodelling your home, you certainly want to transform an outdated space into a gorgeous and stylish space. That you will love. However, you can accomplish this goal while also improving the energy efficiency in the home with fabulous results. You can easily focus some of your time and energy on replacing the features mentioned here to see an improvement in both style and energy efficiency in your home.

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