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3 Things You Absolutely Have to Know Before Putting Your House on the Market

Selling a Property Will Cost

Selling your home and investing in another is one of the most stressful undertakings of modern life, but if you are as prepared as possible before you even think about placing your home on the market, the whole process can be a whole lot less stressful and even more than a little enjoyable.

With that being said here for your information, and of course reading pleasure, are three things you absolutely have to know about before putting your house on the market.

1. Remember that Selling a Property Will Cost You Money

It can be understandable if you are focused on the amount of money you will receive after selling your property and not paying enough attention to the costs of making the sale itself.

To give you a basic idea of such costs, below are the average costs of selling a property around the £220,000 mark and how the different methods of selling compare in terms of price.

A. Agency Fees

Agency Fees are obviously non-existentfor people who choose to sell the property themselves but they can cost between £1,000 and £1,500 through an online agent and between £3,000 and £9,800 through a high street agent.

B. Conveyancing Fees

Regardless of how you sell your property, conveyancing fees will be between £500 and £1,500.


EPC costs between £40 and £120 regardless of how you choose to sell your property

D. Removals

Removals cost between £400 and £1,200, again regardless of how you choose to sell.

2. A Solicitor is Vital

Whether you are a private seller who is simply selling their current home to either upsize or downsize to buy another, or a business who deals in multiple properties, hiring and working with reputable and renowned Lichfield solicitors is an absolute must.

There is a myriad of advantages to hiring an established solicitor to help with the entire process of selling a property, including:

  • Extensive searches will be performed to check you are getting the best value
  • All legal aspects and obligations will be taken care of
  • Estate agents will be handled and booked through your solicitor
  • Each and every expense will be comprehensively outlined

3. Transform the Property into a Showhome

Just as when you are perusing a menu and are tempted by delicious and attractive pictures of each meal, the more aesthetically attractive you make the property, the more likely it is that you will be able to sell the house for the money you would like.

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Essentially, you should thoroughly go through each and every interior living space, as well as the garage, garden shed and garden itself and declutter and tidy. Remember to take care of the following tasks, as a bare minimum, before any potential buyers come to view the property:

  • Clean every window
  • Mow the lawns
  • Ensure the fences and walls are in good repair and are well-maintained
  • Remove any overly personal items
  • Open all windows for fresh air
  • Ensure each room clearly shows its basic and current purpose