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4 Ideas for an Unforgettable Family Summer Vacation


Planning a family summer vacation is never as easy as it sounds. Finding attractions, restaurants, and accommodations to fit everyone’s various needs is time-consuming, and sometimes, nearly impossible. The following ideas appeal to even the pickiest members of the family.

Go to Atlantis


If you’re looking to go big this summer, look no further than the iconic Atlantis resort, located in the Bahamas. The resort has earned its hype: imagine your kids’ faces when you tell them about a 200-foot-body-slide or shark-filled lagoon. Even if you’re not thrilled by water attractions, you’re guaranteed to love the lazy river, a slow-moving body of water wrapping around the entire resort. Atlantis offers all kinds of food within a walking distance, so you’ll find dinner for everyone with ease.

Try Out a New State

Don’t want to feel too much like a tourist? Then try out the ways of the locals! One of the most exciting states for families to visit includes California. On the coast, you can do everything from going fishing to going shopping. California has some of the prettiest college campuses and beaches in the United States. You can also visit the San Diego Zoo, which is one of the only zoos left where you can see a giant panda! Plus, when you’re ready to feel like a tourist again, you can head over to Disneyland.


If you happen to like barbecue and tacos, then you should also consider visiting Texas. In Austin, you can go see live bats on Congress Avenue, and then head down to float the river in San Marcos. Near San Antonio, you’ll find Schlitterbahn, Sea World, and Six Flags. After a fun day at these attractions, you can go down to the river walk to unwind over a margarita.

Go on a Cruise


Although the idea of being on a boat may seem limiting, cruises offer one of the most diverse vacation experiences possible. Many cruise lines offer live entertainment every night, with acts ranging from acrobats to singers. During the day time, there are plenty of activities, such as dive-in movies and water slides. Most cruises also offer engaging childcare options, so you won’t feel guilty dropping off the kids when you go check out the spa!

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Visit the Grand Canyon


It doesn’t matter where you live: everyone should see the Grand Canyon at least once! From sunrise to sunset, you won’t find better photo opportunities. If you’re into kayaking, hiking, or camping, then you’ll have plenty of options. If you prefer air conditioning, try out the train or a helicopter tour! Either way, you’ll want to make sure your family drinks lots of water to avoid dehydration.

If you’re looking for a guaranteed good time this summer, any of the aforementioned ideas promise to keep everyone in your family happy. Your kids will never forget the memories you make, and neither will you!