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Do you own a business? Advantages of Going Green

Advantages of Going Green

Are you new to the world of business? Or have you been running a company for many years? Either way, you are aware of the shift in many companies going green.

There are many reasons for this. Globally, issues surrounding global warming are becoming more accepted. More eco-conscious people want to do the right thing to save the planet. Of course, this also applies to businesses. Even those that don’t operate transport freights.

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When a business makes an effort to reduce its impact on C02 emissions, it can make a dramatic change.

Concerning your own business, you may be wondering what the advantages are of going green?


The government of the UK 2019 introduced environmental reporting guidelines. This includes everything from streamlined energy and carbon reporting. Your guidelines may be different to your neighbours, even if you are on the high street. These guidelines involve reporting waste and emissions to air, land, water, and resource efficiencies, such as using water-saving devices or eco-friendly lighting. Failure to adhere to your company’s required C02 emissions can result in fines. Luckily, there are many options available that can help you, including a carbon footprint calculator which can be tailored to your unique business.

Save money

Being eco-friendly often equates to saving money. Increasing the efficiency of your workplace will save on everything. From utility costs to the reusing of materials. This would have before been considered waste. This money can then be spent on purchasing more stock, or purchasing new products for your business. You will also save money on fines and government grants!


Studies into consumer habits have found that the average customer in 2022 is more trusting of a company that is aiming to go green. This means that by going green, you can attract more customers. In 2015, studies found that 66% of consumers would pay more for sustainably sourced products. This jumped amongst millennial consumers to 77% in 2021. Trust, going green, and sustainability are the keys to building a successful business. Especially in 2022.


It is also worth considering how going green will impact your employees. Studies have found that employees often feel safe working for businesses with a green model. This is because the employees feel that their health is being put at the forefront. Also, the company considers the future of their families and children. Consider that this can be as simple as introducing recycling, or the installation of solar panels, or offering an electric company car. It is a price well worth paying for, especially if it retains staff and boosts work ethic.

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Green is the new status symbol in companies. With more international companies going green, the appeal is higher than ever. You can earn points with investors, customers, and other business partners. Once again, this doesn’t have to be excessive. It can involve something as simple as a returns policy for your products once they have been used. This is common with items like broken electronics or your product’s packaging.