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How to increase your cars fuel efficiency and save money


Owning and running a car can be expensive! There are many things you need to pay for when having a car such as car finance, MOT and servicing, road tax and fuel costs. Fuel costs have seen the biggest increase in 2021 but how can you save money and increase your fuel efficiency? Let’s find out.

Why is fuel efficiency important? 

Fuel efficiency is a measure of the distance your car can travel using a specific volume of fuel. The more miles you can do, the more fuel efficient your vehicle is. Having a higher fuel efficiency can have a lot of benefits for both yourself and the environment. Fuel efficient cars are better for the environment, can save you money, reduce paying congestion charges and reduce your overall motoring costs. Some of the best low emission cars are already making their mark in the fuel efficiency ratings but you may have a car that isn’t particularly fuel efficient. How can you make your fuel go further?

How to increase fuel efficiency:

Tyre pressure

Tyre performance and tyre pressure is one of the biggest factors which contribute to fuel efficiency. Tyres lose air naturally but checking your tyre pressure can help to preserve your fuel. The correct tyre pressure can also prolong the life of your tyre tread and help prevents accidents on the road.

Ditch the extra weight

Having more weight in your vehicle directly impacts how much fuel you use. The heavier your vehicle, the more fuel it will need to keep it moving. It can be tempting to keep what you need in the car, but it can add extra weight and be more attractive to thieves. Roof boxes and bike racks should be removed when you’re not using them, and you should only keep essentials such as a small emergency kit in your car.

Drive smooth

The way you drive can also impact how efficient your car is. You should try to anticipate the road ahead and stay within the speed limits. Constantly accelerating and then decelerating quickly and with high revs can reduce your fuel efficiency. If your vehicle had cruise control, you should use it where possible. Cruise control can help to maintain a constant speed and promote a smoother ride.

Turn off aircon

Both your aircon and heating uses engine power to operate which in turn uses fuel. You should only use these when you really need to. Your air con can be used exactly when stuck in traffic and increases the pressure put on your engine. You should also have your air con re-gassed every two years, the air con will blow warm air into the cabin if the refrigerant is low.

Keep on top of maintenance

Keeping your car in good general condition and looking after your car parts is an easy way to increase your fuel efficiency. Routine maintenance can also have a whole load of benefits for your vehicle. You are required by law to have an MOT each year once a car is 3 years old and it is recommended that you service your car each year or at 12,000 miles (whichever comes first). There are a number of checks you can do at home to keep your car in good condition.

Combine journeys

Making one longer trip rather than several short trips can be more efficient for your fuel consumption. Cars operate more efficiently when the engine is already warm. Letting your engine cool and then frequently warming it up again can increase your fuel consumption and reduce your engine capacity.

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Compare fuel prices

Fuel prices do tend to fluctuate, and you can get the best deal by comparing fuel prices around you. A website or app such as can compare prices for you. You can input how far you are willing travel for fuel, and it will show the cheapest petrol and diesel prices in that area.