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How Can Managed Print Services Benefit Your Business?


Managed Print Services are a fantastic investment for businesses, because they tend to focus on flexibility and control over the printing in your office, resulting in greater efficiency. Greater efficiency means reduced outgoings.

Essentially, managed print services use computer software to monitor print activities. They are able to identify patterns in print behaviour and consequently, create rules, authenticate users and mange devices. Accurate implementation of such a service should cut costs of print and copy by up to a third, while also predicting an appropriate time to order in supplies such as paper and ink. Other benefits are as follows:

  • You will reduce your impact on the environment
  • You will understand how each employee or department uses the printer
  • You will be able to improve security of sensitive documents
  • You will be able to change printing habits for the better, thus reducing print volume

The above benefits are achieved through a variety of features. Firstly, follow me printing, which only releases a print job once the user has entered a unique code or scanned their card. Another great feature is that it offers on-screen notifications so the user can opt to reroute the print job to another device, if their first choice is too busy. This improves productivity as it prevents members of staff from hanging around the printer waiting their turn.

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The advantages are clearly undeniable, but if you require more information about managed print, it’s wise to contact a professional and ask them any questions you might have.