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Dressing Up for Work in This Summer Heat

As summertime is becoming increasingly harsh on us, we are looking for ways to combat this hot, sticky and miserable season. Your choice of dress is one way to keep yourself cool, and though you can wear next to nothing in the comforts of your home, this is definitely inappropriate and unwelcomed at your office. But that does not mean you have to resort to stuffy jackets and pants. Neither does this mean that you go completely casual; the way you are seen does depend on your dressing, no matter what the weather. Luckily, there are ways to dress for work keeping the weather in mind and fighting off the heat, and yet being professional enough.

Use light fabrics

Summer materials usually include cotton and linen. Choose dresses of these fabrics. You would want to stay away from synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon because these are not breathable and can make you burn easily. Cotton and linen are processed from natural fibers and keep you cool in the heat. Silk is quite light too, but considering that it clings on to sweat means that you would probably end up with stains on your pretty, expensive shirt. You are better off staying away from it.

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Clothes’ style


For women:
Being a lady makes it much easier to stay cool in summers owing to dresses. Dresses flatter women and do not require much coordination on your part, making them a quick and easy option in the mornings. Ditch the slacks and go for dresses instead to keep yourself cool. Just make sure that whatever you select is appropriate enough. You might want to stay away from super short or sheer dresses and those with plunging necklines since these would not give you a professional look.

Skirts are also a great alternative to slacks. They allow air to reach your thighs, keeping you cool. This black pencil skirt from Sophie and Trey is the kind you should go for to get a professional, modern and chic look.

For men:
A lot of times men just have to wear a suit and tie for professional purposes in spite of the muggy weather. Fret not because you can still stay a bit cool with a jacket on. For instance, go for blazers with a self or half lining. Opt for lighter colors such as tan rather than black. You could also have your summer suit of a slightly looser fit to make it more breathable. Of course, do not have it tailored such that it hangs on making others think it is a hand-me-down.

If you do not have to wear a suit, go for lightweight khakis instead. Also, you could include an undershirt which, while not keeping you cool, would definitely help with absorbing perspiration.


Shoes may usually be ignored by us but remember that just the way inappropriate suits can make you feel suffocated, so can shoes. They may end up making your feet sweaty and even give off odor causing you to feel uncomfortable.

For women:


Open-toed shoes are a great option for women. They are comfortable, yet professional. However, if you do not wish to show too much foot you can consider peep toe shoes or even the backless ones.

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For men:


Men do not really have alternatives to their closed-toed shoes they have to wear in formal settings. Certainly sandals are way too casual for office! But what they can do is wear light cotton socks and avoid the warm woolen ones. It helps with absorbing swear and prevents foot odor. Also, your shoes should preferably be of canvas or leather (original or patent), rather than suede which is pretty warm.


Sometimes, while it may be super hot outside, as soon as you step in your office you forget that winters ever left. Such is the case at a huge majority of offices where the temperatures were much lower than what have been recommended. A survey deduced that around 60% of workers at government offices were actually found to be dissatisfied with this matter.

If such is the case at your office, and you suddenly need a sweater right after entering the place while outside it was sweltering hot, make sure to have a blazer or jacket at your desk. When you are ready to step you can easily pull that off.