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Financial adviser Bromley: How do They Help You?

Financial adviser Bromley

If you are a business director/member of the public looking for Pension Advice / Investment Advice / Inheritance Tax Advice / Financial Life Planning / Workplace Pensions, financial adviser Bromley can help you.

Financial adviser Bromley always treats you fairly and expects the following levels of financial services.


That is when you should enjoy the fruits of your labour, a time to reward yourself after years of hard work, a time you can look forward to enjoying, not a time of uncertainty and confusion. If you have not planned early enough for Retirement, you may need to take significant action to avoid a sharp drop in income and standard of living.

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The only way to guarantee you will be looked after when you Retire is to put the right plans in place as early as possible; you deserve it.

They can help explain what types of Pension Plans are available:

  • How they work
  • How much can you get
  • How tax relief on Pension Contributions works
  • How it’s paid

Financial adviser, Bromley can show you the different types of Pension Schemes available – from the State Pension to Private and Company Pensions.

To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration. Minimum age and property values apply, so to turn your dream retirement into a reality, contact to best financial adviser Bromley for impartial advice.


The Greatest Gift you will ever give your Family is Life Assurance. Ever thought about what would happen if the unthinkable happened?

None of us wants to think that the unthinkable may happen; unfortunately, thousands of families up and down the country discover that it can and does.

Financial adviser Bromley can provide you with a comprehensive range of Insurance products to protect you and your family in the event of a crisis.

They can help with cover for:

  • Life Cover
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Mortgage Payment Protection
  • Income Protection
  • Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Cover
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Buildings and Contents Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance

Once you have decided to provide some form of security and peace of mind for your loved ones in the event of your death, the next step is to decide what kind of life assurance is appropriate for your needs.

Is the insurance intended to cover for the remainder of your life, or is it to cover a particular purpose?

There are two principal types of life assurance to choose from, and they are very different in how they are calculated.


Are you paying too much in mortgage repayments? With access to the whole of the mortgage market, save both time and money; search the mortgage market to find you the best deals.

Whatever your needs and wherever you are on the property ladder, as your mortgage is likely to be your single largest financial commitment, it pays to explore all your options, from product type to repayment method, whether you are buying for the first time, need Lifetime Mortgages in Bromley, looking to move house or simply wanting to remortgage to a better deal; you can rely on a financial adviser in sourcing a mortgage to suit you.

Financial Advisers can source mortgages

Independent Financial Advisers can source mortgages from the whole market for the following.

  • First Time Buyers
  • Remortgages
  • Buy to Let
  • Overseas Mortgages
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Lifetime Mortgage


For peace of mind, and home contents Insurance for anywhere in the UK, Financial adviser Bromley has access to major providers for both Building and Contents Insurance and will endeavour to save you as much as possible by shopping for you.

They can provide competitive illustrations for you from:-

  • Assurant
  • Halifax
  • Sesame General Insurance
  • Paymentshield
  • Towergate

 Home Insurance for your home or commercial property

Contact us for a competitive illustration if you are looking for Residential, Buy to Let, Commercial, Public Liability Insurance or similar.

Buildings insurance provides you with money in the event your home should be your home should it be damaged or destroyed in the event of an accident, and it will cover the costs of repairs or rebuilding your home.

If you are a landlord or a homeowner, then buildings insurance will be crucial, but if you are renting a property, then buildings insurance is the responsibility of your landlord. However, as a tenant, you may wish to consider taking out contents insurance.

Your buildings insurance will cover the structure of your home, and this can also include garages and other external features. Still, you need to know your requirement to financial adviser Bromley if you require this level of extra cover.

A standard policy will usually cover you for the following:

  • Floods
  • Subsidence
  • Theft/vandalism
  • Fire
  • Lightning damage
  • Water damage

Remember, you will need to cover your home’s rebuild value, not the market value, if you sell it.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance covers the cost of the items in your home should they be damaged, destroyed, or stolen.

The most important thing you need to consider when calculating how much insurance you need is how much the contents of your home are worth. Your contents are likely worth more than you think, so you should go through every room in your house and note each item and its worth at today’s prices. The figure will usually be a lot more than you expect.

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You must not assume all your possessions are covered within your contents insurance policy; some providers insist that high-value items (for example, items over £1000) must be insured separately from your main contents policy.

There are two different types of contents insurance:

  1. New-for-old policies
  2. Wear and tear policies

New-for-old policies will provide the full cost of repairing damaged or replacing destroyed items. Wear-and-tear policies will repair damaged items with a reduction in depreciation and are generally cheaper as the claims will usually be smaller.


Financial adviser Bromley will be happy to give you a free, no-obligation assessment of your current situation to see if savings can be made, and we will be happy to help advise you.