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4 Ways to Improve Your Productivity


Everyone wants to get more out of their day. Everyone wants to be more productive but sometimes staying productive whether at work or even at home can be a challenge. Even if you are the most productive person you know, there are always opportunities to increase productivity.

Here’s a look at 4 ways to improve your productivity:

#1. Plan Ahead & Prioritise

Just spending ten to fifteen minutes before bed creating a to-do list and then prioritising it can make the world of difference. That way, by the time morning comes around, you’ll already know exactly what you have to do. It’s a possibility that if you don’t write down what needs to be done, you’ll probably forget and when you do write it, be clear. Some tasks may be superior and may seem difficult at a glance. If that is the case, break them down into smaller tasks to make them easier to manage and sort through. Also, setting a timeline can help with sorting through tasks. It’s easy to lose track of time while working on a single project which can lead to neglecting other tasks. When you set a time limit, you set the objective to complete your tasks by this time.

#2. Eliminate Distractions

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube; all of these are distractions. If you don’t need the internet, consider closing all browsers or disabling the connection. Notifications pop up that can distract you from the work at hand and you may find yourself browsing the internet or social media for more time than you need to. Highly productive people set limits to how long they are use social media. They also set a certain time to check emails. Smartphone are also a distraction. Have you ever been so focused on something you were working on when your phone went off and you instantly picked it up without giving it a second thought? We’ve all been there.

Despite their efficiency, Smartphone can put a damper in getting things done and it’s not just texting away that takes up a lot of time, it’s the urge to reach into your pocket or across the desk every time the phone buzzes or whistles. This can be destructive to our capability to pay attention to the task at hand. It’s not easy to turn your Smartphone off simply because you may receive an emergency call but putting your phone on vibrate won’t solve the problem either. By switching to silent or turning the phone off completely, you are freeing up a lot of time. Here’s a suggestion, inform people that you are only available via landline or email during a certain time, outside of the time; you can be contacted by Smartphone.

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#3. Take Breaks

This may seem counterproductive but I assure you, breaks actually improve your productivity. The busier your day is the more important and effective they are. Taking a moment to step away from your work can ease your stress levels. Breaks allow you to refresh and refocus. It can serve as a creative fuel. A ten minute break to talk to a friend or listen to a quick motivational podcast can be essential to recharging. It’s not so much about the time you spend working each day or how busy you can get or are. You can come up with a solution or complete a task in a timely manner when you have a new mindset. Breaks allow you to work smarter. There’s nothing wrong with taking breaks.

#4. Touch Typing

Touch typing is one of the most valuable skills to add to your resume. Most of our interaction with a computer includes typing to some extent and the quicker you type, the quicker you can get a lot of tasks done. For example, if you worked as a programmer or web designer, touch typing would be one of the most essential skills to have especially when you have to spend the day coding. Even sending and responding to emails can become a breeze with touch typing. The convenience of not having to look at the keyboard keeps the focus on the screen, making for a more faultless work process. Surely you can get by using just two fingers and glancing at the keyboard, but it is far less distracting and much easier to touch type. If you’re curious to know your touch typing speed, pop over to one on the websites with a quick and fun free typing test. Let us know how fast you are!

Productivity is critical to anyone’s success. By implementing those four simple but efficient tips, you’re well on your way to improve your overall productivity.