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Money Saver Tips: Twelve of The Best Budget UK Stag Destinations


Stag weekend costs can spiral out of control and you can end up stuck between a rock and a hard place with the stag, the bride, and all their friends and family. Luckily, you can still plan a cracking stag on a budget! Here’s how to save money on your stag weekend straight from the stag weekend experts.


Going to Wales or Scotland instead of England for your stag weekend means you will be saving money from day one. And with some cracking cities and great natural beauties (ahem) why not explore these beautiful shores and valleys?


The beautiful capital of Wales is a brilliant place for a stag: a big castle, Welsh breweries, friendly people and plenty of mega clubs off the main party street. The Welsh know how to party and Cardiff is famous for its wild club antics. Lush!

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Second city of Scotland, Glasgow, is fast becoming a top stag destination. Glasgow’s cheap nights out are combined with an irresistible call to the wild; the Highlands are just on your doorstep for some unforgettable activities like white water rafting. At night, you’ll be able to drink and dance the night away in the city’s many cheap clubs.


The Gower peninsula offers some great beach and outdoor activities, meaning you can really push the boat out and do something adventurous. Swansea has a lot of things to offer as well, from football pubs to classy clubs. At night, Swansea girls and guys really know how to have fun so you’ll be in for a warm welcome.


Everyone loves the seaside, and these classic party cities offer great value for your stag weekend. Plenty of fun to be had in these wild and wet cities with their beaches and piers. And who doesn’t love getting sand in their shoes?


An old favourite, Bournemouth’s beaches are a big pull for people. A great place to enjoy the sun (if there’s any to be had, Bournemouth will be your best bet) and kick back with a few beers. After a day on the beach, or doing some crazy activities in the sea- enjoy Bournemouth’s famous Southern hospitality by night.

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Brighton has long been known for its wild party antics, and the city has become London’s party playground. With plenty of interesting club-nights and bars, Brighton has tones of character and is a great place to spend your last night of freedom. For those who fancy a walk on the wild side.


A golden oldie, Blackpool boasts the legendary Blackpool Pleasure Beach where you can sample some great rides. Later on, there are plenty of places to go in search of a different kind of pleasure! Blackpool is a really fun-loving city and is great for those looking for classic British seaside feel.


Things really are brighter up North! The North is full of friendly lasses and lads (and cheaper booze) so head up for your stag weekend.


Leeds is a growing Northern city and has a thriving economy and nightlife to prove it. Climbing fast up the stag venue ranks, Leeds is not one to miss. Prices are low, so get involve now to experience this Northern metropolis. Cheap drinks and great people- perfect.


Scousers are known for their glam party lifestyle, so why not party in style by the Mersey? There are loads of bars and epic clubs in this legendary city. You could visit an old classic like the Cavern, or hit one of the new swanky bars. Always lots of fun to be had on the river, and the Liverpool lasses will keep things interesting.


Geordies are known for being the friendliest bunch of people around, and Newcastle has a ‘mint’ clubbing and party scene. You can go up market, or rough and ready- your choice. The river Tyne offers some great nature spots too- plenty of cool activities to try.

Top Money Saving Tips From The Experts

  • Do a drinks kitty. And ditto for taxis.
  • Even though you might save by booking a hotel way out, taxi fares might cripple you, so go for somewhere convenient, not just cheap.
  • Make sure you get people to help with deposits, hotels and travel beforehand so you don’t get saddled with debt. This means the other guys can also spread the cost.
  • Try to avoid peak weekends like bank holidays (if you can).
  • Book places in advance to get the best deals.
  • And remember: You might not always save by planning yourself, as stag companies will have deals and years of experience to help you save.