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5 Reasons to Holiday in Ireland


These days, most discerning tourists want more from their holiday than a sandy beach and a comfortable sun-lounger, and there are several countries which are struggling to attract travellers purely because they can’t offer enough things to see and do. One of the nations that don’t have this problem is the Republic of Ireland, and if you’ve never been before here are five excellent reasons to holiday in Ireland.

#1. The History

Ireland has a rich and fascinating history dating back many centuries, and the good news is that a great many iconic buildings and landmarks are still standing, and are open to a curious public. In the major cities and towns you’ll also find a wonderful selection of museums which play host to vast quantities of exhibits. Next time you’re in the country, be sure to check out Irish history.

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#2. The Sport

Any tourist who’s looking to enjoy a little activity on vacation would fall in love with Ireland. The gently undulating landscape makes it perfect for cycling holidays, for example, and there is a wonderful choice of water-sports along the coastline. Also, if you’re a keen golfer, you will be hugely impressed by the quality of the courses in all parts of the country. The Irish love their golf; come and find out why.


#3. The Transport

It’s so easy to get around holiday in Ireland, a fact that explains why so many tourists choose to hire a car and hit the road. There are very few issues with traffic congestion here, although it should be pointed out that it’s a good idea to avoid the rush hour in Dublin itself. The rural routes are well sign-posted and generally pleasing on the eye. If you’re visiting from North America or from continental Europe, don’t forget to drive on the left!

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#4. The Food

There has always been plenty to see and do in Ireland, but if you’ve never been before you might be surprised by the wonderful spectrum of cuisine that’s on offer. In every town and city you’ll enjoy an excellent choice of restaurants offering dishes from all over the world, as well as the very best Irish specialities. With such temptation on offer, you may have trouble deciding which menu item to offer.

#5. The Nightlife

If you’re one of those people who like to party when on vacation, there is no better destination than Ireland. Even in some of the smaller villages you’ll find pubs that come to life when the evenings come around, and of course the warmth of the welcome offer by the locals is legendary. In Dublin itself, you’ll find dozens, if not hundreds, of lively options when the time comes to go out for the evening.