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Free Online Video Games

Free Online Video Games

Do you like video games? Most people do. The industry is so diverse there is something for everyone. NDP Group research found US gamers spent $56.9 billion in 2020.

There are thousands of websites devoted to gaming.

  • Review sites like Polygon.
  • Marketplaces like Steam and
  • Streaming services like Twitch.
  • Chat applications like Discord.

Billions of people now own smart phones – gaming consoles in their pocket wherever they go.

Adobe Flash powered most web-based games. Last year it reached its end of life status and is not supported. Game publishers like now publish hundreds of games online using HTML5. This enables players to play games in the web browser without downloading apps. Titles range from physics puzzles, mobile flying games, on through to classic platformers.

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Games can help people relax and release stress. Players can also improve their hand and eye coordination and memory.

Many gaming sites offered paid titles, free to play titled with paid in-game upgrades, or heavy ads. gives you a wide array of options without any of these annoying features.

Plays offers over 100 instantly playable browser based games. My favorite is Tank Wars, a coop base defense tank game with 3 difficulty levels and an integrated level builder.

tank wars free video games

Their catalog is ever-expanding, with new games published daily at

I recommend bookmarking their website as it has quickly become a daily visit for me.

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