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Why Online Ludo Has Gone Viral During COVID-19 Lockdown

Since the lockdown of March 25, everyone has been staying in their homes and a lot of people have been playing ludo. It’s a game of nostalgia that has its roots tied to the ancient game of Pachisi. People are returning to their childhood favourite.

Even the CEO of Denave, Snehashish Bhattacharjee, said in the press how he started spending more hours playing the game after the lockdown. He said:

“The thing that immediately appealed to me was the nostalgia associated with it. Those days, children could only go out and play a sport or play a board game inside the house, and Ludo was fairly popular. But more importantly, I realised that now, every time I play Ludo, my stress levels come down very quickly. This is because there is no target to achieve; you are dependent on the die number that you throw. And from a strategy perspective, once you have more than one pawn out, that is when you need to start worrying about which one to move and when. You can also decide on the pace you want to play.”

Why Is Online Ludo Going Viral?

Ludo has been played for generations and since recent times has gone digital. Online ludo is becoming popular because it offers a way for players to play against each other without meeting up in person. A person can play against 4 players just like in the real game, and the digital version follows a turn-based sequence as well.

You can also play online ludo on your tablet, iPad, and Android devices. Most ludo apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and if you want the best one, you can download it on The best part about online ludo is how players can play globally with others. There are gamers from different countries who participate in online ludo tournaments and take part in matches.

Daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments are hosted on platforms which makes it even more fun. Nowadays, there are YouTubers making gameplays about online Ludo and even streaming their sessions live. It’s becoming a niche segment, and game developers are focusing their efforts on adding new features into new releases.

Different Levels & Themes

What’s interesting about online ludo games is the different themes and levels in them. If you’re playing one-on-one against the PC or going through the story mode, the game will give you an interactive experience. It’s similar to the RPG or roleplaying approach where players discover more and unlock various in-game elements as they progress through the story.

Play From A Distance

Not only is this a fantastic way to kill time, but it keeps new players engaged for hours. Online ludo is becoming a popular choice among families since it allows them to play ludo with their loved ones without meeting up in person. Due to the pandemic, it’s not possible to go outside and meet up for a game of ludo whenever you want.

But with a stable internet connection, a smartphone, and the online ludo app, you can make a game happen even while being far apart. The virtual experience simulates real life, and online ludo games follow the traditional rules of real-life ludo. There are many similarities between the online and offline versions of ludo. The main differences are the added challenges mixed into the game, multiplayer modes, and online tournaments.

Win Rewards & Bonuses

When you play the ludo board game in life, you don’t win anything. But if you play online ludo, you have the chance to win many bonuses. Since the e-sports industry is growing, the board games segment has been catching up. There are many online ludo apps like Ludo Supreme Gold who offer players cash prizes for winning global tournaments.

Game developers add rewards and bonuses into the apps which players can win and redeem. For those who are interested in playing ludo online plus enjoying a few winnings on the side, the virtual games are a fantastic option.

Simple & Easy Experience

The user interface for online ludo is very simple to use and navigate. Game developers have kept in mind the requirements of players of different ages. This means players from teens, adults, and even young children can get used to the app and learn how to play in no time.

There are tutorials and guides built into the apps that teach players step by step how to play ludo online. Livestreams and gameplays posted online give players more ideas on how to improve their game and see how the pros play. Background music and sound effects are added to these games to make them more enticing. It adds an extra adrenaline pump while gaming and makes the overall experience so much more enjoyable.

It’s A Classic

The biggest reason why online ludo is going viral is that it’s a classic. Ludo is an ancient game, and players of all ages love playing it. The games don’t last long, and the rounds can be short. Whether there are 2 players, 3 players, or a group of 4, as long as you have someone on the other end, you can start playing.

And when you don’t want to play with real players, there is always the option to play with the PC or against random players globally. What’s fun is that these games never get boring. With new updates and levels being added to the game, there’s an extra layer of challenge that presents itself. This makes players look forward to upcoming releases and keep playing.

Add to that, the bonuses and cash prizes, and you get a win-win situation.


Ludo is one of the simplest games to play and doesn’t have a steep learning curve which is what makes it so approachable. If you’re interested in playing online ludo for free, you can check out Ludo Supreme Gold today. All you need is a few minutes to get started!