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How to Avoid Getting Taking Advantage of By Your Lover & Feel More Appreciated


If you are in a relationship and you constantly feel like you’re getting taken advantage of it is time for you to make some changes. In most relationships there is usually one person that’s going over and beyond to please their partner but the things they do are not really appreciated.

They feel like their partner doesn’t really appreciate them and are taking them for granted. The truth is the only person you can blame for not getting appreciated for the things you do in a relationship is you.

Man checking out woman to your lover probably doesn’t realize the effort and time you put in to do things to make them pleased. In the beginning they might appreciate the things you do for them, but as time goes they begin to expect you to go over and beyond for them. After a while you don’t receive anything back in return for doing the things you do for them, not even a thank you, because it is what they expect from you.

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The more you keep doing special things for them and not expecting anything in return the more they feel they can take advantage of you and take the relationship they have with you for granted. When your relationship reaches this point your lover feels like they can walk all over you and get away with pretty much anything they want.

If you are ready to gain some respect for yourself in your relationship and make your lover appreciate the things you do and stop taking advantage of you please take a look at these 4 tips.


If you are getting taken advantage of in your relationship one of the biggest reasons is because they don’t have any respect for you. The best way to get your lover to start respecting you the way you want is to start respecting yourself more.

When you have more self respect for yourself your partner will have no choice but to respect you more. Most people in a relationship that let their partner walk all over them is lacking something in themselves. Since they feel like they’re lacking something they believe they need to compensate by doing more for the person they love.

Without enough self respect you’ll always feel you have to try harder to please other people and not expect nothing in return. If you don’t get any appreciation or love in return you feel like you are being taken for granted, and you feel empty. If you are ready to stop feeling like you are being taken for granted you have to start respecting yourself for who you truly are as a person.

Don’t look for someone’s appreciation or someone to reaffirm that you are a good person. Stop feeling like you have to continually please your lover in order to feel accepted by them. Build up your self confidence and have more respect for yourself.


You have to communicate with your lover if you want them to stop taking advantage of you. If you don’t let your partner know just how much you do for them or let them know just how much out of your way you are going for them they’ll feel like they can walk all over you and get away with it.

Most people who feel like their partner is taking advantage of them and not appreciating the things they do for them only begin to communicate how they feel once they have reached their boiling point. At this point they burst out in anger and frustrations letting them know just how ungrateful they have been while they have been sacrificing so much.

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Don’t wait to communicate when you feel like you’re about to explode, beginning communicating as so as you feel like you’re being taken for granted in the relationship. Every time you put in a lot of effort to do something for your partner make sure you tell them all that you went through to please them.

By communicating more with your lover will let them appreciate the gesture and feel a lot more grateful for the things you do for them, which could lead to them wanting to return the favor to show you how much they appreciate everything you do for them.


Most people being taken advantage of in a relationship don’t know how to say no. If you feel like you would rather do more than you want for a person than tell them no, you have to make a change if you want them to start respecting you more and stop taking advantage of you.

Stop trying to be sweet to win them over and learn to say no. If you don’t learn how to start saying no they’ll expect you to always do everything they ask and when you finally get up the courage to tell them no they’ll be unhappy with you. The sooner you begin telling them on the quicker your partner will realize you have boundaries.


People who are being walked all over in a relationship don’t know what they want for themselves. They can’t do anything without wondering if their lover will approve of what they’re doing. They are constantly looking for approval and they make what they think their lover will want influence their decisions.

Know what you want in the relationship and do things to please yourself, not your lover. When you stop being so accommodation and aim to please yourself sometimes your partner will respect you more for it.