4 Upgrades To Make Office Life Easier

When professionals are working 40 hours a week, it can often seem like you’re spending more time at the office than at home. The daily life in this environment should be comfortable and as stress-free as possible. Whether you run an office of four or forty, there are simple upgrades you can implement to make the office as comfortable as possible.

Consider the following four upgrades and ways they can easily fit into your business.

Office Coffee Service

One of the easiest services you can provide your employees is a coffee bar. With office coffee service, a company will set up coffee machines and provide all the supplies needed to create an excellent cup of joe.

An office coffee service is not just about supplying the goods – there are many extras that come along with it. Service visits can occur one a week or every other week as needed.

  • Coffee Selection: Select from coffee flavors, different companies, and a variety of flavored creamers. Change the order each time to create different options for employees.
  • Coffee Brewing: Choose the brewing style that your employees prefer. This can include a traditional pot of coffee or individual brewing cups.
  • Cleaning: Professionals will clean out the machines, restock supplies, and make repairs as needed. This will help keep the coffee service running as smooth as possible.

Lunch Catering

Along with coffee, you can provide employees with a catered lunch. Offering this service once a week will give employees something to look forward to and can turn into a nice tradition.

There are often dozens of places to choose catering from in the local area. You have multiple options for selecting the location of your choice. For example, you can let the employee of the month select the catering location for that month. Another option is to have a random raffle draw or move through the employees in alphabetical order.

Office Classes

Increase stress reduction and office teamwork with a variety of classes. Take the last half-hour out of a work day to host the classes. Choose from multiple options or alternate them on a weekly basis.

  • Yoga: A yoga class can help office workers relax. It is actually more common in today’s work environment and has been increasing across the country. Start with a basic yoga class to help ease employees into the process.
  • Meditation: An alternative to yoga is a meditation class.During the class, employees will relax their mind through soft music, low lighting, and a variety of scents. A meeting room can easily be transformed into a meditation room with floor mats and other accessories. The meditation hour can be held on its own or with a trained teacher guiding employees through the class.
  • Pet Visits: Increase happiness and morale with a pet visit to the office. Many companies in the United States provide pet visits where dogs, cats, or exotic animals can come to offices for a short visit. Check with employees for allergies or fears before introducing the pets to the work environment.

Recreational Games

A break room does not have to be just for eating or catching up on a cell phone. Providing something that offers some competitive fun and physical activity can help keep employees happy and active.

  • Ping Pong Table: Easy to set up, a ping-pong table is great for a quick office game. For smaller offices, consider a table-top ping pong set that does not take up a lot of space.
  • Foosball: With room for up to four players, a Foosball table is nice way to add quick gaming in the office. It will also help boost bonding between employees as they play together.
  • Active Video Games: Consider installing quick arcade games with an active element to them. Options include Wii U Sports, Xbox Kinect games, or a musical-based game like Guitar Hero.

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