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LocalBites Virtual Cooking Classes To Make You Brush Up on Your Cooking Skills During Quarantine

Are you a beginner or want to upgrade your cooking skills? Due to covid-19 pandemic people are cooking at home more than ever. Don’t worry you’re not alone. Most of us are struggling to come up with meal ideas. Since we are all stuck in our homes, world’s top chefs to locals all around the world have gone online to teach/learn cooking courses. LocalBites is offering best virtual courses to take right now.

LocalBites is the platform for hosting home cooking classes (online or in person). Home cooking classes can be both classes for home cooking or classes hosted at home. So that it’s host could continue to earn an income and people could learn new skills while in quarantine. There are dozens of virtual cooking classes with hosts in over 20 countries that take place Via zoom and can be booked on the site. For instance, you can learn how to make flat breads from Naina living in Tracy,CA and learn cooking pizza from Alex located in Los Atlos. For home cooking classes you can simply sign up and join the community to explore and learn variety of dishes from all the corners of world.

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There are two ways of joining LocalBites home cooking classes:

  1. Book with instant booking
  2. Check availability and join

In addition to home cooking LocalBites also welcomes diet specific cooking, immigrant cooking and cooking for the people with some medical conditions like Allergies. The best part is, here’s a class for everyone, including beginners in the kitchen, families and even advanced cook who have more time on their hands.

If you have amazing cooking skills and have something new to teach, you can also list it on LocalBites. Make a real community around you with home cooking classes.

There are again two ways of hosting home cooking classes:

  1. List with instant booking
  2. List with request based booking.

For hosting a cooking class at home you are not specifically required to have a commercial kitchen at home, you can host classes at your personal home kitchen. If you have busy routine or you’re lacking enough space , your listing can be set as demo ( without hands-on cooking). The number of participants can also be adjust according to your personal kitchen space.

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All reservations are made through credit card payment and website service fee applies. For guest we charge about 8.8% website service fee to the listed price. And for host we charge 10% website service fee to the listed price.

We understand that when you cooped up at home for weeks on end and constantly cooking even a family favourite become a bore. That’s when it’s time to look at your phone,laptop or tablet for an extra help. More specifically, it’s time to sign up for some virtual cooking class.