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Shakuntali Siberia Reveals The Secrets of Cosmic Laws, Enlightenment, and Blessed Difficulties

What does it mean to lead a spiritual life? How to take difficulties in life as a blessing? What is enlightenment? These are the most frequent questions Shakuntali Siberia is asked by journalists as well as by people coming to her seminars. We have decided to publish the sacral knowledge she shares in this article.

The Nature of Enlightenment

The nature of enlightenment in Shakuntali Siberia’s philosophy is that this is something that a soul is trying to reach, what it is looking for. But unfortunately, people do not listen to their souls, do not hear them. They refuse to do it subconsciously because there are so many influences and so many traumas from childhood. Nearly every soul was hardly handicapped at this or that time.

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Shakuntali Siberia clarifies that enlightenment comes at the moment when the person is ready to love the whole world. This love comes together with kindness, compassion, and other treasures of a soul. All in all, there are seven treasures and every person needs to strive to develop them. Regrettably, there are so little people talking about these soul treasures, and so many talking about which position they occupy, which company they work for, which car they drive, and which brands they wear. They are so concentrated on material well-being that completely forget to ask themselves what is a soul? How does it feel? What qualities does it possess?


According to Shakuntali Siberia, an enlightened person sees beauty in everything. He sees God, sees eternity in every moment and every situation, even where it is hard to see. We can talk endlessly about the enlightenment. But it is getting so clear and understandable what it is exactly at the moment when you find yourself close by an enlightened person. That is why to feel God it is so significant to be in the presence of the enlightened people and enlightened masters. “We are not alone in the night, because everybody is trying to go towards the light”, mentions Shakuntali Siberia.

Shakuntali Siberia describes the difference between feminine enlightenment and male enlightenment. A woman can become enlightened only thanks to an unenlightened man by her side. For a woman to understand this world it is vital to be a part of something bigger. She is like a sponge that soaks in what is around her, enlightened energy of a man. To give a clearer understanding of her words Shakuntali Siberia remembers the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. She points out that though it is difficult to find the information in the historical notes that Mary was an enlightened woman, she was. She was enlightened because she totally gave herself to Jesus. Devoting all her life to the enlightened man and the enlightened master she gained her enlightenment. That is why though both are highly important – an enlightened man and an enlightened woman, in fact, there can be only one enlightened man.

Taking difficulties as a blessing

Shakuntali Siberia is frequently asked how to go through difficult times and problems. “Difficult situations will always exist because planets influence us and they create different circumstances. But with a flow of time, these difficulties turn to be true blessings. This happens because thanks to them we become wiser”, manifests the master. Giving her own example, she shares that she does love difficulties, but there are less and less of them in her life. This happens because after a person has learned a life lesson and passed it God does not need to give it to him for a second time.
When a severe situation comes you need to gather all your potential, all your abilities, all your energy to go to the next level with it. And the first step to success is to love difficulties, to love the inner discomfort they bring. Realize the pleasant state of victory you will reach after you do it. Shakuntali Siberia avows that for her there is nothing sweeter, than this feeling of being the winner of herself. It is such a pleasant feeling when you realize, that you did the step towards your inner development.

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Actually, this is a very natural desire to face difficulties and obstacles. A bright example of this affirmation is the sportsmen. They are in discomfort every day, doing very tough training, refusing themselves in a lot of things. Why do they do it? Shakuntali Siberia reveals the secret, they do it because with the training you can run faster and for longer distances, you can conquer and win some other competitor.

But the spiritual way is not about racing. Starting your spiritual way you are to realize that your only competitor is yourself. Every day you need to become better than you are to conquer yourself and grow inside yourself the best qualities, qualities of inner power, and wisdom. This is the life of a spiritual person – to become better today than you were yesterday. Every day to become better than yesterday. Namaste.