Making it Up to Her: Don’t Let Your Sorry Fall Flat

A love story wouldn’t be as colourful minus the conflicts. There will come a time (for some, it happens often) that couples will argue.

Some issues may seem trivial for you to be bothered about like forgetting to send her a message you’ve already reached home, while some may be deep such as you getting caught on the act, flirting with your office-mate.

Whichever situation you are facing, you know you ought to apologise. Thing is, saying sorry is never as easy as it sounds when you’re in a relationship.

Don’t apologize just for the sake of ending the argument

Nothing pisses a woman more than hearing a fake sorry like, “Fine, I’m sorry.”

Women can feel whether you really are sincere about your apology. Don’t send her an e-mail or text message to say you’re sorry. Because if you really are, you will do better than that. Go talk to her in person. That way, you prove you are sincere with your sorry.

Be careful with your tone

Whether your better half will accept your sorry largely depends on the approach you used.

Rather than fixing the issue, the sorry you say may only worsen the situation if you say it the wrong way. Get rid of the “but” in your statement. And don’t dig deep to the past when she has committed mistakes. Remember, you two are supposed to be talking about the “current” issue. If you still have not recovered from old ones, there’s no way you can move forward.

You will have your chance to explain your side once she calms down, which would take time. But when that opportunity comes, she is less likely to be receptive. The long wait pays off.

Find the right timing

Arguments may only heat up because of poor timing.

She is still upset and you are all stressed from work. Give her and yourself some time off. It’s okay that way than pushing her to see you when she’s not yet ready.

You can’t rush her to forgive you. and Who knows, with the breather you provided both of you, she, on the other hand, may also be able to process her shortcomings.

Sometimes, words aren’t necessary

Actions are more powerful than words.

If she wouldn’t believe that you really are sorry, then it is time that you stop telling her that you are. Show her rather. Anyone anyway would get tired of forgiving when the person asking for forgiveness seems only go around in circles.

If you know it puts her off big time that you keep talking to your ex-lover, then just follow her request. She probably isn’t worried about you and your ex getting back together. Instead, she may be more concerned about you failing to keep your words.

Be persistent

We can be forgetful at times. But if you really like to keep her, you know you ought to remember what makes her feel bad, and what you can do to make it up to her.

Consider her feelings at all times. If you really can’t make it a habit to inform her every-time there’s an emergency meeting with friends or clients, compromise. Perhaps you shouldn’t be that angry and paranoid as well when she tells you too late that she went out on a date with her girlfriends.

As man, we rarely show emotions. But if it is for that woman you love, then swallowing your pride and setting aside your ego shouldn’t be too much.

Nettie Gray is a college life writer. Her writings focus more on romantic relationship. During one of the school paper interviews Nettie had, she said that now she know now why she had to go through those failed relationships – to be able to write and relate with the contents she writes.

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