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Reasons To Reconsider London As Your Preferred Learning Destination

Studying in London UK

Looking to study in London? Then you’ve made the best decision. There are many schools around the world but these are the main reasons why you should send your application, pack your bags and travel to the United Kingdom.

The chance to live in four countries

You just don’t get to live in one country as is the norm around the world. Studying in London is the only opportunity you will get to live in different countries. You can decide to stay in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland or England. You can also live in all four countries through your study and work period.

Easy commute

Many cities are full of traffic and you hardly get a path to walk along. Motorists deal with pedestrians with respect and you do not have to worry about being honked at or being splashed water on.

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There are also buses that take you to your destination with ease. Blue cards are available and upon loading your card, you only have to swipe on entering the bus. This is a very convenient way to travel.

Student discounts

Studying in London has its perks, and the mere fact that you are student gets you discounts on just about everything. Signing up for free discounts from the Student’s National Union can get you discounts on items from high brands like McDonalds and Apple.

Perspective change

You’ve definitely heard a lot about the international brands, their history, the food and the Brits Cuisine. Studying and graduating with a Bachelor’s in hospitality management London gives you the absolute first hand experience off their hospitality and food/ hotel industry. A foodie and hotelier taking up classes will acquire a lot and their initial thoughts about Brits’ food and culture will change.

No language barrier

Traveling to Russia or Mexico may come as challenge, especially when you have no inkling as to what is spoken. This can hinder your learning and you may hate the experience at first.

Studying in London on the other hand is almost like moving states. The nationally spoken language is English and you can be sure of communicating perfectly with your hosts and other students. This makes your experience a smooth sail. The accents may vary but since they all speak English, fitting in wouldn’t be a problem.

Outdoor activities

Even in winter, you can put on your warm coat and explore. There are tens of historic sites, cultural landmarks, natural wonders and tiny cities. These along with the big cities will give you the deserved break every weekend. With the cheap and accessible means of transportation, besides walking, you are assured of the best trips and excursions.

Food for every palate

Well, when it comes to food, you are covered. The culinary skills of English chefs are out of this world and you can eat everything. Wide selections of authentic food as well as cuisines are available. Middle Eastern and Indian restaurants are everywhere and you will never miss home.

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Affordable Education and cost of living

Everyone worries about the cost of living and tuition fees. London schools for hospitality, literature, science or architecture are very affordable for all.

In conclusion, learning in the UK should be on top of your ‘places to study’ list because of the amazing life, education system and the tea. You will love the tea, the biscuits and a lot more.