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Reasons to Change Your Car’s Colour

According to the RAC, black was the most common car colour in 2020. Black is the new black, one might say. 

It’s all relative of course but one person’s dramatic black is another’s boring beige. But although black isn’t as boring as, say, grey or silver, perhaps you’d prefer something a bit more interesting for your car?

With that in mind, here are a few reasons to change your car’s colour.

Before I start though, please bear in mind that if you do change your car’s colour, you’ll need to let the DVLA know and update your car’s log book (officially known as a V5C registration certificate) accordingly.

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This is because you’ll get in trouble if the DVLA thinks you’re driving a black car when in fact you’re now the proud owner of a bubblegum pink girly dream or metallic blue mean machine.

Another thing to take into consideration is, of course, to use proper car paint from a car paint shop. You can’t just dig around in your shed and pull out that emulsion you painted your spare room with last year. Not if you want your car to look good, anyway! 

Reasons to change your car’s colour

A greater choice of colour

Did you find the car of your dreams, shape and spec-wise, but it only came in drab colours? In that case, a paint job is for you. If you came away from the showroom wishing one of the cars you just saw came in sunshine yellow but it only came in white, grey or black, then paint your car sunshine yellow and cheer up not only yourself but your whole street too. Who doesn’t love a yellow car? (Probably plenty of people but hey ho.)

In addition to a greater choice of colour, you’ll have a choice of finish too, whether that’s matte, metallic or sparkly. 

A paint job can make your car less boring

As I just said, if factory colours such as grey, white or black are too boring for you, you can make your car less boring by having it painted a beautiful bright colour. 

You don’t have to stop at one colour though. For the really adventurous of you out there, you can have your car painted with flames, or cats, or turn it into Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine if that’s what floats your boat (or car). 

A paint job can make your car more boring

Wait, what? Why would anyone make their car ‘more’ boring? Hang on, hear me out, there are reasons why you might want to make your car look more boring.

For example, if you’ve been happily driving around in a bubblegum pink Beetle that delighted your beauty and nails clients, but then you changed careers and are now an undertaker, that bubblegum pink Beetle might not be appropriate anymore.

But if you love your Beetle and can’t bear to part with it to buy a boring Volvo or something equally corporate, why not compromise and have your car painted a more subtle hue? 

Freshen up your car with new paint

Aside from the usual reasons for getting a whole paint job on your car, a perfectly good reason to change your car’s colour is simply to freshen it up.

A paint job will make your car look shiny and new, while covering any minor scratches or chips on the bodywork. 

Things to remember

While a change of car colour will undoubtedly give your car a new lease of life and make you feel as if you’ve got a new car, remember a premium paint job won’t be cheap.

Also, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, make sure to let the DVLA know.

When it comes to insurance, while a change of car colour won’t affect your insurance in any way, it’ll be a good idea to check the terms of your policy anyway, just to make sure.

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On the whole though, if you want to change the colour of your car without actually buying a new car, having your car painted is a great idea.