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5 Ways You Can Make an Environmental Difference


Taking care of our environment and the nature around us is not an easy task to do and cannot be done swiftly and carelessly – bringing the planet into the current negative state took a lot of time, so fixing it is not supposed to be any quicker nor easier. While many people support the movement that is trying to do something positive in the world, one day at a time, one individual after another, a too big number of them thinks that nothing can be saved and that the future of the planet is not in the hands of little people, but big companies and corporations that control everything. However, as true as this may be, it’s not the complete and unbiased truth: some of us can make a difference and do something positive in our tiny little circles that will, when combined with the efforts of others, mean a lot. Therefore, here are five ways how you can personally make an environmental difference and act locally for the greater goal.

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#1. Change in the Company

No matter how big or small and successful or not your company is, the problems that affect the environment are always the same – too many printing jobs that destroy too much paper, big machines that are thrown away instead of being remodelled or fixed, too much pollution and, in the end, an abundance of energy that is wasted day in and day out. So, what you need to do is conduct a comprehensive action that will include a big number of your colleagues through several departments and engage as many people as possible.

You can replace your printable materials with tablets and Smartphone – these may initially cost more, but just imagine how much paper you go through every month, and what amount of it is thrown away, and it’ll be easy to calculate what’s more profitable. Additionally, you could start a recycling patrol and inspire people not to thrown their papers into the trash, but recycle: this will provide enough paper for your needs, save your company some money and help the environment.

#2. Changes at Home

Almost all ideas conducted at work can be taken to the “home field” as well, the only difference being that you are the one who decides on the budget and what will be done. Among other things, you can focus on your home’s lighting, recycling and sustainability.

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First of all, install energy-saving light bulbs that are both eco-friendly and more effective than the standard ones. Also, try switching off as many unused devices as possible and save energy bit by bit. Finally, think about recycling and reusing old things, like machines and parts of building materials that can come in handy when planning that new garage.

#3. Changes in the Bathroom

Being the room where the most running water is waste, the bathroom is an ideal place to implement some eco-friendly tactics on the smallest scale possible. There are numerous ideas you can apply, from washing your clothes in warm and cold cycles instead of hot ones in order to save energy to taking quicker showers that save water. These can be rather innovative, appealing and fun, so you should think about including them in your everyday routine.

#4. Lifestyle and Fashion Style

When it comes to alternative tactics of making an environmental difference, there is an idea that combines individuality, eco-friendliness and raised awareness for certain topics. This is organic clothing and all the processes involve in this area strive to use less artificial materials and thus become more open to the ecological lifestyle and philosophy. By combining organic cotton and silk with some less-known yet high quality materials like bamboo textiles, companies make a variety of clothing items, from cotton shirts and sweaters to all sorts of bamboo clothing, including scarves and shawls.

#5. Carpoolers, Coming Through!

If you work with the same people who live close to you, doesn’t it seem highly illogical for four or five of you to commute to work every day using your own cars? A carpooling system has been present for several decades now and it introduces new tactics to your daily commute. Instead of travelling by yourself, go with your coworkers and rotate every day. This will make your gas emission four or five times lower and inspire new socialisation and befriending in your group. Plus, you will always have a free carpool lane!

More Ideas

The ideas for helping the planet are numerous and count in dozens. So everyone can find several that suit their individual interests and desires. It doesn’t matters if it’s using matches over lighters, washing your car at professional car washes, buying rechargeable batteries or minimising usage of paper: the important thing is to contribute in any way possible.

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