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10 Things Healthy Couples Trust in Each Other


It goes without saying that trust is a crucial element to a successful relationship, yet many couples still forget to trust each other in all areas of life. The word “trust” can get confusing since in common terms, trust is about believing someone will always tell you the truth.

But trust is so much more than that.

Trust is defined as:

The belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc.

Besides trusting your partner to tell the truth, what other areas of life require trust? Take a look.

1. Trust That Your Partner Will Respect Your Secrets

A successful relationship can’t survive when there are secrets. Sometimes keeping secrets, however, isn’t about not wanting your partner to know. Sometimes secrets are kept because you don’t think your partner will respect them.

Show you partner that you can respect his or her secrets by encouraging him or her to share. Above all else, don’t laugh or criticize your partner’s secrets or it may push him or her to continue hiding things-if even minor things-from you.

2. Trust That You’ll Show Each Other Your True Feelings

It’s tough to be in a relationship where people are encouraged to bottle up their emotions so you never know what each other is thinking. Understanding each other’s feelings can help you work through the bad times and enjoy the good times.

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But it has to be something both of you will do. Refusing to share you true feelings will only frustrate your partner and complicate things further.

3. Trust That You’ll Never Hold Grudges

Grudges have no place in a healthy relationship. They only keep you from building each other up and are often the basis of many fights.

Yes, you should trust that you shouldn’t hurt one another, but if you were to make a mistake, you have to trust that it won’t get in the way of your journey to work things out with one another.

4. Trust That You Won’t Take Your Relationship For Granted

This one is huge. If you don’t trust your partner to be 100 percent committed to your relationship, it’s going to cause a lot of tension and perhaps lead to accusations.

Start by making sure you don’t take your relationship for granted. Be sure to kiss, hug, and encourage your partner every day.

Does your partner take your relationship for granted? Then it’s perhaps not the right relationship for either of you.

5. Trust That You’ll Give Your Honest Opinions

Does this dress make me look fat?

That’s probably one of the worst questions a man can be asked. Whether she’s asking you this or she’s asking your opinion on your relationship, it’s best to be honest.

Having this type of trust means that you’re giving each other constructive criticism and building each other up. Lying to save someone’s feelings can end up only hurting them in the end.

6. Trust That You’ll Work Through Your Problems

According to one study, the most successful couples are vitalized couples. These are couples who can communicate comfortably and easily resolve conflict.

Without a trust that you can do this and support each other through problems, your relationship may quickly fail. As you find yourself faced with problems, put your trust in your partner that you can get through it together. Have a system for resolving conflict before that conflict arises and you’ll have already built a higher level of trust.

7. Trust That You Won’t Control Each Other

Some of the best relationships are those in which each partner has a level of independence. Your partner needs to feel that you will respect his or her independence and won’t exercise control over it.

You also need to be able to go about your independent activities without feeling that your partner will govern them. Without this trust in your partner, you will only feel anxious in your own doings.

8. Trust That You’ll Respect Each Other’s Alone Time

Yes, you’re in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend every waking second together. People need alone time to think, work through problems, and boost productivity.

But how can a person do that when they’re nervous that their partner will pop in any moment to interrupt it? Let your partner be alone when he or she needs it and you should see the favor returned.

9. Trust That You’ll Accept Compromise

If every little disagreement turns into your decision, you partner will begin to hate you. Relationships need a bit of compromise, but if one person is unwilling, you’ve effectively destroyed this vital type of trust. Talk through things, try to see the other person’s point of view, and then look for common ground that you can both agree on.

10. Trust That You’ll Love Each Other For Who You Are

Relationships can get really tough when one person starts trying to change the other. Love each other for who you are and most other types of trust will fall into place.