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How Good is a Career in Music Business Management?

Most often, musical artists who achieve fame immediately start their own record label, arrange for their own tours and focus on the business aspect of the job rather than the creative. This is because irrespective of changing trends, the essentials of music business management remain the same.

Business managers in the music industry are powerful figures who can make or break the careers of music artists. They orchestrate the factors that contribute to the success of a particular album or song—promotional tours, advertisements, merchandise and royalty payments.

There is an immense career potential in the music business management, especially if you are musically inclined and have a good business sense. Read ahead to find out more about the career prospects in the music business management industry.

What kind of career opportunities are available in the music management industry?

The US Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that the projected job growth for music business careers is around 25% globally. Music business managers also earn relatively higher than business managers in other industries.

There are a tonne of careers in music business management for you to choose from. Here are some exciting career options among them.

  • Musical artist managers: Artist managers in the music industry are the first point of contact for the artists and their business or financial support team. Artist managers are in charge of career establishment for the artists and weigh in on their important career and business decisions. Most artist managers share close relationships with their clients and help them personally and professionally.
  • Booking Agents: Booking agents coordinate and organise live performances of music stars and performers. They team up with talent scouts to find promising musical talents and pitch them to more established organisations. Booking agents must be good at networking and spotting unusual talents and skills. They should also be trustworthy and persuasive to convince artists to engage with them.
  • Concert Promoters: Concert promoters have the tough job of organising large scale musical concerts for their clients. They are in charge of managing every detail of the event from booking the venue, budget planning, catering, getting the instruments as well as selling tickets. Apart from that they also have to organise background performers and support staff such as sound technicians, lighting technicians and make-up artists. 
  • Music Marketers: Music marketers are integral to the functioning of any music industry. They act as liaisons and represent musical talent in front of larger agencies and record companies. Advertising and promotional campaigns form a significant portion of the job description of a music marketer. They are involved in the creation of different print ads, radio ads, product placement videos and street teams to maximise the visibility of their clients.

You can also explore other career options such as copyright administrator, music venue managers, artist supervisors and public relations managers.

A degree in music business management can help you avail all these exciting opportunities. Hence, you should check out different music management courses today to unlock interesting career opportunities with BA music business management programme.