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6 Ways to Bring Your Conversation Skills to a Whole New Level


Do you dread meeting new people because you never know what to say? Countless individuals find it hard to strike up a conversation with a stranger. However, this does not have to be the case. Any person will find they can improve their conversation skills with the right help. Following are some tips any person can use today to alter their interactions with others in a positive way.

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Speak Slowly

A person who speaks slowly suggests to others that they are listening to what is being said and thinking it over. A rushed conversation tells the other person the speaker either doesn’t have any interest in what is being said or feels they have something more important to do. A person should always make use of this technique even when using chatlines and electronic communication. Don’t respond immediately, but take the time to think about what exactly to say, and you’ll find you become a better conversationalist and someone others love talking to regularly.

Use Names

People often fail to use the other person’s name in conversation after the greeting. Use the other party’s name as you speak and they will remember you did. If you find it difficult to remember names, speak the person’s name as soon as you hear it the first time. For example, respond to an introduction and insert the person’s name. Use it a few times in the conversation that follows and you will be more likely to remember the person’s name in the future.

Connect on an Emotional Level

People often report something rather than bringing emotion into the conversation. However, when talking this way, a person doesn’t appear human. Allow your emotions to come through and express your opinion. This makes it easier to connect with others and form a deeper relationship. Use inflection when speaking rather than simply talking in a monotone. People who do so find others listen to them more and engage in longer conversations.

Listen with More Than Your Ears

People often listen with their ears and nothing else. Don’t make this mistake if you want to draw another person out. Be fully engaged, ask questions to get them to expand on what they are saying, and don’t hesitate to ask that they clarify anything you don’t understand. Use body language also to cement a point you are making or to verify you are aware of what they are saying. This shows you truly want to know more about the topic, helps to prevent any miscommunications, and ensures you are both speaking of the same thing.

Powerful Words

“Tell me” are two of the most powerful words in the English language. People love to share their experiences and information about themselves. By using these two words, you give them the opportunity to do so in detail. Avoid any question that can be answered with only one word, as this does not draw a person out. Furthermore, by asking them to share, you are showing interest in them. This is something people will respond to and appreciate.

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Try these tips today and see how others respond. You may find small changes in your conversation skills go a long way toward making you a better conversationalist. Although some people find it hard to talk to strangers or even those they don’t know very well, with practice any person will find they can talk with others with ease. It’s worth a try if you are someone who struggles in this area.