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How To Win Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

When a break up happens, very often, all that plays on a guy’s mind is how he can get back his ex-girlfriend. There will be a number of opinions given, depending on who you ask. Some friends might tell you to forget her and move on, some might give you tips on how to act cool and ignore her to get her back.

Here are a few tips that show you how to plan a strategy if you want to try and win her back and how to make sure that every move is well thought-out and not impulsive.

The first thing you need to do is to analyze your relationship and the causes for the break up. There are some things that women just won’t forgive and we’re hoping here that any of those were not the cause.

There are also some reasons that should make you not go back to your ex and those are given here too. If you have cheated, chances are your ex will not take you back and if she has cheated, it would be better for you to move on without looking back.

Of course, even these mistakes can be forgiven but the hurt remains somewhere deep down so it is always better to try and put the relationship behind you. The fact is, when one or the other of you has cheated, the other person cannot fully trust again and trust is such an essential part of a loving relationship.

Yet another thing you would do well to ponder over is whether your ex-girlfriend really loved you or if she was with you just to sponge off you. Someone who expects you to constantly spend money on her and get her gifts is not really the one you need for a long-term relationship. Money might be the glue that binds many a celebrity relationship but in our regular lives, it should not be the most important thing.

In most cases, a break up happens because of an argument or a fight and this means one or both of you lost your temper and said things that should not have been said. Now it is up to you to logically and calmly go over what was said and try and figure out what you could have changed so that the break did not happen.

Once you have done that, give yourself a few days to stay calm and collected, then talk to her, making sure you apologize first and then go into explanations of why you said things and why you should not have. Talk without getting excited but stating things simply. What you need to emphasize is that it does not matter to you if you lose the argument, what matters to you is how important she is in your life.

What you need to remember here is that saying sorry in no way makes you weak, in fact it strengthens the case for getting her back. You don’t need to grovel – just let her know that you want her back in your life, even if it means being friends.

You will have to try and gauge from her responses what her feelings for you are. Is she still affected by you or is she cold? Does she seem irritated and waiting to hear what you have to say and leave? Or does she seem genuinely sad about the break up? You should also ask people who know her to try and get to know what her feelings are before you meet up with her. If she has truly moved on, then it s better to let her go but if there is a chance of winning her back, then you should make sure you give it all you’ve got.

If you do get her back, then you need to be prepared to change. If there are some things she does not like about you, make an effort to change. If change means getting her back, then that is what you have to do.