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Comfort and Dressing Aids – Making Life A Little Easier

comfort and dressing aids

Although for most of us, getting up and getting dressed is second nature and not something we tend to give much thought to.

When you do find that it’s getting harder due to mobility problems, or after a recent strain or injury, it can actually be quite difficult to do many of those normal dressing actions, such as pulling up socks, trying to grip small zips, or reaching to fit arms into clothing or underwear garments.

Comfort and dressing aids can help this in many ways, they are a group of products that are designed to make dressing easier, and with a greater degree of comfort.

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These aids have been developed over many years, and yet have improved greatly over recent years as new materials and technology have improved.

What causes difficulty getting dressed? Sometimes it can be that over time, you have become less able to bend down adequately to be able to easily put on socks or shoes, so age can be a factor.

Other times, it can be due to a sports injury, or recuperating from a short-term condition, or you may already have a disability that limits your movement and ability to dress without pain or discomfort.

extra long shoe horn

The last thing that any of us want, is to make any pre-existing condition or injury worse, so dressing and comfort aids are definitely a good idea if you want to eliminate this risk and make life a little easier and less risky to your health.

One very simple dressing aid comes in the form of elastic shoelaces, these shoelaces only need to be tied once and thereafter you can simply pull the show over the foot b stretching the elastic laces over the foot.

A really simple idea, but one that saves both time and the pressure on the lower back as you struggle to fiddle around, trying to tie traditional shoelaces.

Many people struggle when it comes to actually reaching to slip shoes or slippers over the feet, this is due to pressure on the lumbar area of the spine and there are many injuries to the lower back caused due to this straining to reach and manipulate shoes into position.

One solution to this, is the extra long shoe horn. This very simple tool allows for the positioning of the shoe so that the foot can then be safely and easily placed into the shoe or slipper, without the necessity to strain and bend over.

The smooth finish of the horn means no laddering of socks or tights, no snagging and an overall easier experience to get on shoes, without the inherent risk of injury as mentioned above.

bra angel dressing aid

Many of you struggle with bra straps and although it would seem to be easy for many women to put on a bra, it can be difficult when mobility is an issue, or you are struggling with an injury, or a disability meaning you only have use of one arm.

The Bra Angel Dressing Aid has been designed to make putting on your bra a much easier experience and has been developed by an occupational therapist, to help promote independence in women that only have the use of one hand, or who struggle with bra straps.

The Bra Angel is simply placed over the your neck and holds one end of the strap ready and in place, therefore allowing the user to bring the other end round to fasten it very easily, with no fuss.

If you’ve ever struggled to find the end of a zipper, or had difficulty doing up buttons on a garment, you’ll know the frustration this can cause and how it wastes so much time in your day that is unnecessary.

One very simple dressing aid that can help make these tasks easier is the Button Hook With Zipper Aid.

button hook with zipper aid

This simple tool allows the gripping of buttons, so they can easily be threaded through the garment without a fuss. Also there is a c-shaped hook for easier zip fastening.

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At under £4, a really useful addition to any wardrobe and will make your dressing routine easier and less of a hassle.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the dressing and comfort aids that can help you, if you’d like to take a look at a much wider range of items, then click here to take you to the full category page.

Phil Ashforth is a staff writer for Mobility Smart, an online retailer of health, wellbeing and mobility equipment to help you recover from injury, recuperation and protection of joints and muscles when exercising or just helping you in normal daily life, you’ll find their website here