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Travelling To A New Place Might Affect Your Health At Times. Here’s How You Can Stay Prepared


Travelling is more than just checking out new places and gathering content for your social media pages. When in Rome, do as the Romans. Live the lifestyle of the people, and embrace the time away from your comfort zone.

While it does sound rosy to be out on the roads with just your backpack, it can be dangerous without prior planning. Care for your health and safety is a prerequisite when you travel. While having no plans and being spontaneous is great, it’s ludicrous to under-prepare.

Sickness, injury, or mismanagement can derail your entire trip, making it memorable for all the wrong reasons. Here are a few things to consider when visiting a new region.

Essential Health Tips For Travels To A New Place:

Carry A Basic First Aid

Make this your first priority. A basic first aid kit with updated products will help you go a long way. While you may never use them, having them handy will be reassuring. This factor is especially true if you are traveling to a rural-space or trekking.

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This kit should contain some basics like pain killers, stomach-illness remedies, band-aids, scissors, antibacterial cream, and some wound-antiseptic. All of these are easily accessible at any drug-store.

You can also settle for one of the pre-made travel-first-aid kits sold at a pharmacy. If your trip involves the outdoors, also add a pain-spray to this kit. Also, stock up on personal medication for the whole duration.

If you have any prescription medication that is unique to your country, pack an extra set if you misplace the main supply.

Prepare For The Weather

Study the weather of the place before you visit. Not just the predictions, but also understand the change in the weather pattern. Some cities are susceptible to unexpected rains and strong winds.

To prepare for such a situation, pack your rain-coats, hats, sun-block, windcheater, or other essentials as needed. If you visit a place with fluctuating weather, then the best cold medicine or anti-inflammatory medication is highly recommended.

Pack Backup Funds

Keep some cash to spare. Call it your emergency fund and only use it in case of medical or health issues. Having this cash in your backpack will enable you to get fast and quick care and treatment whenever.

A simple online search should provide you an average cost for medical consultation in the city. Having cash in the appropriate currency is incredibly helpful when visiting a new country.

Food Is Tricky

Food is the backbone of most travel-related adventures. A trip to a new place without trying the local cuisine is a curse to traveling. Do adequate research before you reach; about hygienic and safe places to eat.

Make a list of four-or-five must-try dishes beforehand for an unforgettable culinary experience. However, some food changes could also trigger adverse effects on your body. For such a situation, keep a few laxatives and digestive medication handy.

If you have any food-allergies, store away some of the appropriate medication in your backpack.

Care With The Water

More than food, water is a leading cause of an illness when you travel. Do not consume water from any unreliable sources. Buy packed water from a recognized brand whenever possible.

If you want to cut back on the cost of water, carry your reusable bottle. Regularly re-fill the bottle every chance you get. It’s vital to stay hydrated. The lack of water can lead to other health-roadblocks on your trip.


Some countries recommend vaccines based on the current medical state of the nation. This list can be conveniently sourced from the travel-and-tourism website of each country.

Ensure you get these shots at least a month before your travels. They will allow you time to gauge reactions or fight side-effects if any. Do not get all the shots listed on the website; consult a doctor, and only get the ones you need.

Additionally, study the news for recent out-breaks and health risks. Each counties’ travel bureau routinely updates this information.


Lastly, keep in mind that even the healthiest people can incur some unexpected troubles when they travel. Having insurance is a must. Find a comprehensive plan which covers you for the trip’s duration.

Buy them from a reliable agency that has expertise in the field. These have to be purchased before the date of travel so keep time in hand. It’s a good idea to plan this purchase the same day as your vaccine shots.

Note that you’ll need to submit a copy of your travel documents and a brief medical checkup for a health-insurance.

Travel Tips For First-Time Adventure Seekers:

Everything we discussed up till now is specific to your health and wellbeing. Here are three essential tips that will ensure your travel is one of a lifetime.

Digitize Documents

A tip from the pros of traveling – carry online-copies of all your documents. Theft and misplacements of your travel documents can occur out of the blue, and it’s ideal to be prepared. Keep digital copies of all your papers on your email as a backup.

This data includes copies of your passport, tickets, stay-bookings, visa (or travel permit), and insurance.

Free Up Cards

If you depend on credit cards when you travel, ensure they are free from past payments. Keep them open for daily use and emergencies. Some banks also need pre-approvals for international travel.

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Check with your bank before you leave your country. If your card needs international validation, do it via email or a call.

Research Stay and Route Map

Those who travel without any research are the ones who spend more money and run into trouble. To make your travels seamless, you must research about the place. Find hotspots and must-see localities before you leave home.

The aim is not to plan a strict time-table. Just make sure you have sufficient research about the territory you are going to. It’s like reading reviews before you buy shoes online.

Final Thoughts

Do it for yourself. You might get influenced by hundreds of travel blogs and videos. But there is a small possibility not everything is for you. If you see a video of a person consuming worms, don’t do it for your video.

Ensure you are safe and sound when you travel. Careful planning will ensure all your problems remain at bay, and you can bask in the light of the adventure.