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Handy Checklist Before You Take Up The Flight


Flying is as intimidating for some as pleasant it is an experience for some others. For bye, the horde of nervous flyers is not a shallow one. So, if you have a serious fear of flying, you’ll find easy companionship on board. But that doesn’t help, does it? The knowledge that many people go through the same anxiety is reassuring only for as long as you’re at home. Once in the airport, it wouldn’t matter if others around you are as nervous as you are. Sweaty palms and the look of a scared pup won’t help either.

So, what’s to be done – that’s the only question of importance. Instead of capitulating to fear, you can learn to deal with the Sepsis of flying anxiety by following our handy checklist before you take up the flight. It will not just reduce the mounting anxiety, it will also ensure that nothing falls amiss when you’re in the airport.

The Pre-flight Checklist Handy For Air Travelers

Flying for the first time or the millionth, the checklist below will save you from the last hour crisis that can happen to anyone.

#1. Extra Baggage Preparation

Airlines charge fee for extra baggage. And the weight allowed in the cabin and check-in vary as well. So, always call the airline customer care to find out about the extra baggage fee as well as the free-of-cost permissible baggage limit to avoid last minute hiccups.

#2. Always Web Check

Web check-in is a wonderful service that you must take advantage of. Booking your preferred seat pre-hand will remove one point of worry from your mental notebook of flying fear factors.

A few other add on services that you can purchase online include the following.

  • Online Meal Booking Can Make Things Easier – Flights offer different meals (jain, veg, and non-veg). And due to varied food choices, sometimes a specific meal can finish before it reaches your table. But, if you’ve pre-booked your preferred meal option, you won’t have to worry.
  • Travel Insurance Can Be Helpful – Luggage can be insured against a few factors that give travelers a run for their money. Sometimes airlines manhandle baggage and the suitcases are damaged and sometimes the luggage is altogether lost or misplaced. But, if you have a travel insurance plan against some such airport problems, flying can be less risky and smoother. However, always check the type of insurance plan you’re buying. It’s best to compare travel insurance to find out which policy will be suitable for your requirements.
  • Book Priority Baggage Option – It takes forever for bags to reach you. But, if you buy priority baggage, the airline will put your luggage on the belt first so you don’t have to wait.

Other tidbits that can numb the air travel anxiety online include the following.

  • Book seats with extra leg room.
  • Book a wheelchair if you have a medical condition and require assistance.
  • Keep well your medical documents in your handbag.

#3. Keep Your Documents Ready

Many people find it hard to get a good night’s sleep if they have a flight to catch the next day. There’s a nagging fear that something might fall amiss and you’ll miss your flight. One of the ways to suppress this particular fear is by keeping all your travel documents ready.

  • Arrange them and keep them in your handbag before you go to bed.
  • Keep all your luggage together, at One place, so that you don’t forget any of it while leaving for the airport.
  • Download your e-ticket on your phone so that you have it in hand when in a queue at the arrival gate.

If you have an international flight, you’ll want to remember the following additional preparatory points too.

  • Make extra photocopies of all your original documents.
  • Get the currency exchanged before you go to the airport. The first obvious reason is that airport currency exchange fee is higher. And the second, you’ll feel at ease and less anxious if you have some of it already.
  • Ask for help in filling the immigration form if you need assistance.

#4. Luggage Screening and Gate Transfer

Once you get an entry in the airport, follow the following steps.

  • Get your check-in luggage screened.
  • Print the boarding pass if there are self check-in counters.
  • Go to the counters and submit your check-in luggage.
  • Head to the security counter to get your cabin luggage screened.
  • Once through, follow the directions to your boarding gate and relax.

Few Common Travel Pointers

  • Gels and liquids aren’t allowed in the cabin. Secure them in the check-in baggage.
  • Check the list of items not allowed on-board and secure them in the check-in baggage, and vice-versa.
  • There are cabin luggage dimensions that you mustn’t exceed.

These are a few preparations that’ll reduce anxiety and ensure nothing’s askew at the last moment. Remember, a little help never hurts. So, don’t be shy and ask for it whenever you need it.